A SERIES OF BRIEF TASTERS OF WHAT’S COMING UP IN KITEWORLD 26 IN MARCH which comes with a free 84 page Holiday Guide supplement| PACE, POWER AND PRECISION We’re overdosing on the three big ‘T’s this issue: Technique, Travel and Testing. You’ll find all of them in abundance in Kiteworld issue 26. From getting yourself unstuck in the snow during your first few snowkiting experiences through to nailing more complex manoeuvres, like the surface-pass and the back loop kite loop, we then also take you on into the surf. Issue 26 sees Kiteworld test editor and long-time wave warrior, Neal Gent, tackle the intricacies of linking together mesmerising bottom turn to top turn combos, analysing sequences of two of the best wave riders in the sport right now, both unhooked and strapless and hooked-in on a hybrid kite. The Monster Buyer’s Guide takes up a large chunk of the magazine’s contents this issue, bringing you the findings from ten solid days testing in Tenerife. We rattle through 11 twin-tips, nine bow and hybrid kites and five super-charged C kites. And as if that wasn’t enough, The Kiteworld Guide to: Holidays that comes free with issue 26 takes you on a tour of some of the best kiteboarding destinations you could visit around the world this summer. As an 82-page supplement, this will be an indispensable source of information and inspiration for you throughout this year. Featuring over 20 places that are literally guaranteed to make you a better rider, information has been provided by locals that ride and live in the areas. You could surf the internet for hours, but we have all the information you need in one handy guide. If you can’t find somewhere that fits exactly your riding, family, budgetary or nightlife-craving requirements, then we will eat our shorts. Plus all the usual regular features, interviews, gossip and tut from the world of kiteboarding… Kiteworld issue 26 is making its way to shops and doormats across the globe now. A SERIES OF BRIEF TASTERS OF WHAT’S COMING UP IN KITEWORLD 26 IN MARCH which comes with a free 84 page Holiday Guide supplement “I didn’t grow up near the ocean but I can’t remember a time that I didn’t feel the pull to be a part of it. As a kid I would beg my Dad to make the two-hour drive from our landlocked house to the beaches of Northern California. Once we were there I would spend hours in the cold waters with no wetsuit, getting walloped by icy waves and seeking out swells to slide down. Afterwards it would take a few days to get rid of the shakes from the chill of the sea but my enthusiasm for being immersed in it was amplified with each visit. Today, besides my tolerance for the cold, nothing has changed. The wilder and rougher the conditions the more focus is required and the more in awe I am of the surroundings. There’s not much that’s more refreshing then the feeling after having experienced a great session in the wind and waves.” PETER TROW: GALLERY – MOMENTS IN LIQUID “The beach at Ras Sudr is huge. You could kite upwind for hours before having to jump all the way home to make it back for jaw-dropping sunsets over the mountains. There is almost unlimited space for learners too, with a shallow water area stretching out nearly 100 metres with a perfect side-shore wind.” RAS SUDR: THE KITEWORLD GUIDE TO: HOLIDAYS “However you choose to ride, don’t be influenced by what others tell you you should be doing. Surfing is about expressing yourself, and of course having fun. Just bear in mind that while any kind of gear is acceptable and can be made to work, bad style is still bad style, so don’t stick your arse out. And riding the wave 20 metres away from the peak will NEVER be cool!” MARK SHINN: MARK MY WORDS “My whole leg was red from blood and the first thing I saw when I looked up was this tourist with his little sun-hat on, camera round his neck and he’s just staring at me with his eyes wide-open like, ‘Oh my God are you alive?!’ But to me, I’ve got my balls all out and I’m like, ‘Dude, what are you looking at, you know?’” DAVEY BLAIR: INTRODUCING “Another lesson and a new student resurfaces from their second face plant. Frequently wondering if they’ll ever get it they look toward Perry for reassurance. He often points at me as I cruise past fully lit, serving as a unique motivational tool. A rather large notch on his instructing belt and in no way the stereotypical kitesurfer, reiterating it can be done.” CHERYL HARRISON: CHERYL MEETS… “The kite loop is unique to kiteboarding and the feeling of surrendering to the seemingly merciless power of the kite is as addictive as it gets. Add to that a casual spin and you’ll be well on your way to feeling so good about yourself that you’ll be skipping to work like a dizzy school-girl for weeks.” MOTOR DRIVE: BACK LOOP KITE LOOP “Not only that, but it’s so light in your hands unhooked. You have very precise control. Not the most powerful C kite, but still with plenty under the bonnet, and very stable, too. This is one of the most adept freestyle kites I’ve used.” MARK SHINN: C KITE TEST “Once you’ve picked your spot, stay crouched, both to iron out the bumps, and to keep your rail and fins engaged. Carry on looking directly at the point you’ve picked. It’s way better to have the back hand off the bar now so you can start to open up your upper body – you will be better balanced, and dragging that hand will automatically ensure you keep leaning right into the turn. Ideally you should tighten up your turn here to really drive back up the wave, aiming for an almost vertical attack if possible. If you’re hooked in then this is where bow kites and hybrids come into their own with the extra depower they offer, allowing you to pinch a few extra degrees and kite away from the kite and more vertically up the wave. Now you have to get ready for the lip.” NEAL GENT: TURN AND FACE If you want to judge me properly, come free-ride with me. RUBEN LENTEN: RIDER UNCOVERED “If you like to do long carves and want to travel around on a wheeled surf board then this is for you. It flexes and pushes in all the right places and you would never believe that a deck this long could handle the way it does. A bit big to be comfortable at high speed, it’s the ultimate cruising and carving board – just make sure you have got lots of space and you will have a never-ending tarmac wave to play on. Stick it with a kite and it’s like wave riding on a surfboard.” ADAM JONES: TURBULENT TRIALS “But it’s an impressive fish…it wouldn’t even fit in my truck. The tail was completely hanging out the back when I was driving through town. It was a proud moment.” WILL JAMES: SPY NETWORK

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