Kitespeed World Championships Damien Leroy, Cabrinha Team USA at 2012 Camargue France Europe

“As we sit stressed to the max in France, team USA led by World Record holder and fastest man, Rob Douglas, 2011 Slalom World Champion Damien LeRoy, Olympian Coach Mike Gebheart and NASSP title Sponsor and racer Bill Lynch are on standby for race conditions on Thursday. As we have been preparing gear and hitting the repeat button on Insanity and P 90 X workouts.  We are ready!!!

The forecast appears to predict a one day race with one or two heats……an all in, winner takes all situation for the 2012 kitespeed world championship crown!



Stay tuned as this event unfolds! —Damien Leroy, Cabrinha


So there will be 35 men and 5 women for the World Championship Kitespeed. 10 nationalities will be represented with a strong French delegation (27)

Not surprisingly, we find the best kitespeed riders in men,Rob Douglas (1), Seb Cattelan (2), Alex Caizergues (3), Seb Salerno (4), Sylvain Hoceini (5) or in women, Charlotte Consorti (1), Sophie Routaboul (2), Melissa Gil (world champion 2009)


After a 5 week wait I was notified a couple of weeks ago I qualified to compete in the above event with just 40 qualified riders. Dave Williams had already qualified due to his past few years of qualifying points from world speed events and being the fastest UK speed rider.
Dave kindly pre-offered a van share should I qualify, and the ferry is booked, kit checked, entry fees paid and a few recent practice sessions should help make it one hell of a road trip.
The main reason for this post is to thank a few people who have kindly contributed towards the trip including
Tony from this very forum who instantly text me an offer of £50 towards fuel.
Sarge From who has contributed £50 towards fuel.
The BKSA for £80 towards costs.
It’s helped a long way towards what will be a very long and very expensive trip to the South of France, this is a once in a lifetime chance for me as at the age of 48 I reckon my days of being able to compete at this level are numbered.

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