Well it took me longer than expected, but finally I made it. I think it is one of the hotest kiteboard video like you have never seen! With the 40 best riders of the world.|

Featured Riders:

Mauricio Abreu, Gianni Aragno, Ofri Argov, Flash Austin, Max Bo, HervĂ© BourĂ©, Sebastien Cattelan, Marcelo Cunha, Bertrand Fleury, Kai Frasunkiewicz, Jason Furness, Diego Glazman, Chris Gilbert, Aaron Hadlow, Jaime Herraiz, Fadi Issa, Will James, Steve Kellner, Yoann Kerherve, Adam Koch, Cedric Le Bourgock, Franz Olry, Anne-Laura Pegon, Julie Prochaska, Alvaro Onieva, Marc Ramseier, Helene Richard, Danny Seales, Mark Shinn, Mathieu Sorbe, Julien Sudrat, Christoper Tasti, Jeff Tobias, Mauricio Toscano, Simone Vannucci, Martin Vari and many more…

Featured Spots:

Fuerteventura to Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town and Hawaii…






Total length 119 min – additional features on the DVD:
-Music video clips from the groups Suit Yourself, Tell Your Mother and Conic
-Flysurfer promotion video clip – Fly your dream
-Presentation of Radical Kiteboards
-Rider Profiles of the worlds best professional kitesurfers
-A selection of 16 Cool Moves in slow motion

This is an excellent video in many ways: great choice of music and beautiful pictures! Chapter 11 is my favourite: amazing helicopter shots over South Africa, viewing the rider AND the kite. No boarders hanging on lines from the top of TV doing artistic stuff. Everyone I showed that video, loved it (also friends who do not kite). There is lots of bonus material on the DVD.

Amazing hangtime is shown in Chapter 10, recently topped from Adam Koch (the video can be downloaded from the – Video Server).

Riders looking for a video with the latest tricks and aggressive music: this is not the video for you. The beauty of the video is coming from the pictures and music.


Chapter 1: Grand opening of the movie with footages from Fuerteventura including the world record in hangtime with 8,94 seconds of Sebastien Cattelan.

Chapter 2: Go along with the world’s best kiteboarders and fly at 35 knots of wind.

Chapter 3: How fast and high can you go in 20cm deep water?

Chapter 4: Video shots from every possible angle, watch and feel the thrill of kitesurfing.

Chapter 5: Wipeouts – One take with all the crashes like you have never seen!!

Chapter 6: Cruising in the waves of Flagbeach.

Chapter 7: Kite with the Pros in the waves of Barra at Rio de Janeiro.

Chapter 8: Take a surf board and kite the big waves of Barra

Chapter 9: Rio de Janeiro with exciting shots from the air.

Chapter 10: Kite in the sunset of Cape Town and find out how long 10.2 seconds hangtime can be.

Chapter 11: Amazing helicopter shots in the swell of Table View.

Chapter 12: Going down the tube. Sebastien Cattelan kites in the monster waves of Cape Point.

Chapter 13: Radical tricks and moves presented by the youngsters.

Chapter 14: Another hot spot in South Africa only 110km east from Cape Town.

Chapter 15: Take you to another kitsurfing adventure by watching from other creative and totally unique camera angles.

Chapter 16: Unbelievable footages in the giant scenery of Cape Town.

Chapter 17: Kite-surfing is OUT – Kite-ballet is IN!

Chapter 18: A collection of new moves by Jaimez Herraiz, Will James and Gianni Arragno at the tropical kitebeach Hukilau of Ohau.

Chapter 19: Jaimez Herraiz “this is one of the days I will never forget” – You won’t believe what you see in this take!

Chapter 20: A take fully grapped with magnificent footages from Mokuleia.

Chapter 21: All the funny behind the scene footages and other surprising images.



appr. 36.- USD (DVD)

appr. 27.- USD (VHS – 47 min only part of the DVD is featured on the VHS)


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