The Red-Line Performance Bar V2 combines everyone’s favorite features and safety options into one unbeatable bar. Simple enough for anyone to understand, yet with enough versatility to satisfy even the most demanding riders, it’s guaranteed to set the standard yet again this season.

The push-to-release QR now comes in a Pro-Cuff version to eliminate accidental releases without increasing the minimum release tension. With only one moving part, the Click-It QR is easy to reassemble and designed to work consistently with a positive release action with release loads in excess of 150 kgs.

The under bar swivel has been improved with added drainage vents and low profile twist-tabs making it smoother to turn no matter how many loops you’ve thrown. Depower line wear is eliminated with the introduction of our new Sacrifice Insert System of replaceable low friction Delrin bar center inserts.

The RP-Bar V2 retains the dual center depower lines, stopper ball, redline and suicide safety options of the previous performance bar. The V2 is the perfect bar for riders of all levels who demand the most reliable and predictable safety system options and ease of use features.

New ultra soft, low profile molded bar ends with integral line winders help make those one handed loops easier than you expected and a new 3D grip pattern ensures you stay in contact with the bar however you ride.

Low stretch, 700 lb rated, flying lines, color coded for easy setup and proven to offer incredible durability complete the RP-Bar V2 package – it’s our most complete bar yet.

47cm, 52cm, 57cm
All bars complete with 20m lines + 3m extensions

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