Neretva River – Kiteboarding destination in Croatia


Kiteboarding destination Croatia Neretva

Easy place to learn, shallow water, big area, low cost…

Beautiful nature, surrounded by river, sea and few small villages, still unknown at kiteboarding world map. It is the place where river Neretva enters the Mediterranean see. This kiss of river and sea provided the area with sandy beach and shallow water. Spot is well placed and is good for almost all winds that blow in Mediterranean see, but preferred wind is constant wind called “maestral” that blows from NW. It blows from 10-25knots and it is always followed by plenty of sunshine. The water at the spot is shallow and flat. If you get further out you will find some small waves, not bigger than 0,5m. Since this is a rural place plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables is at every day disposal.


Beside wind and great kiteboarding conditions it has breathtaking sunset, untouched nature of river Neretva delta.


How To Get There

Fly to Split or Dubrovnik International Airport and take bus or rent-a-car. Kiteboarding Center Neretva is around 130 km away.


LifeStyle: Native relax

Airport: Split-SPU, Dubrovnik-DBV

Language: Croatian

Health: Not a risky zone

Electricity: 220V, Europlug

Cost Factor: Good Value for Money

Currency: Croatian Kuna (1 Euro = 7.4 HRK)

Difficulty: Beginner to Expert

Best period: May-October

Accomodation: Browse hotel rates

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