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Joined: Sun Jul 30, 2006 10:28 pm
Posts: 2 Finally, our first kiting event took place last week!
It was a blast!!!
We had organized it a little over a month in advance. We booked a charming place by the Sea of Galilee (Israel) that could host a bunch of us, booked us some restaurants, instructrs, photographers and lots of other surprises.
All the girls were really excited to come. Over 30 girls from across the country ages 14-48 joined us and even one cool Dutch girl who’s heared about our event through this blog!!!
Our two young particiants who had just started kiting last year , and were just working on their jumps, were able to land perfect back rolls with the help of a personal instructor we have assigned them.
All the girls were helping eachother pump the kites, launch, getting in and out of the water and of course cheering in the water
So many of the kite clubs, instructors, photogrphers and others in the water sports and kiting industry helped us in putting this event together. it was a pleasere to see.
We would like to thank our supporters: Sepa (for our beautifl lycras) Yamit, Laguna, Xenon, SafeSea, all of the wonderful istructors and potograpers that came by and put a hand together so that our event would be as super cool as it had turned out to be!
We now have a community of cool Israeli kitegirls and will keep celebrating together and enjoying our windy conditions!


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