The Global Kiter Foundation is very pleased to welcome Mallory de la Villemarqué to our Ambassador’s team.
Mallory’s skill and experience as a kiter as well as his global reach make him an excellent Ambassador to help raise awareness and to be involved with projects ran by Global Kiter Foundation.
Mallory has been addicted to watersports since he was very young. He started windsurfing at 7, surfing at 11 in Costa Rica, and when he moved to Tarifa with his family, kiting was the next on the list. Colorful kites and riders flying were what attracted him to the sport.
As soon as Mallory started kiting in Tarifa in 2002, he quickly became sponsored and started competing. By 2004, he was already on the podium for the PKRA Wave Tour.
He is sponsored by Takoon, as well as Team NPX, Gloryfy and sevenunderwear.
Mallory joins an excellent team of Ambassadors including Dimitri Maramenides, Jessica Winkler, Charlotte Consorti, Laurel Eastmen, Nuria Goma, Jerome Josserand and Jack Elston. The role of a GKF ambassador is to help develop GKF workshops in different areas around the world, participate in GKF events whenever their schedule permits it help to spread the core GKF message.
Welcome Mallory!
The Global Kiter Foundation s a non-profit Foundation that improves environmental awareness, creates community engagement and offers comprehensive education using kiteboarding as the unique connection point for people with a physical disability and underprivileged youth.

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