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Kristin Boese (Germany)


Kristine Boese pro kiteboarder  poses for Playboy USA on cover of German Playboy and in mag with a kiteboard

Kristin was the 2007 KPWT women’s world champion and holds many PKRA wins. And, she recently posed for Playboy!


Photo 1:  Kristin Boese  Playboy USA  top left     

Kristin Boese  German Playboy  Bottom left 

Susi May on Catamaran with   photo on right from


photo 2 : Susi May on Catamaran with Redbull Cabrinha rider

A few months  ago     photo

photo 3 :  Kristin Boese   German Playboy  

Check out Kristin’s website she is one busy little bee appearing in a plethora of magazine titles.I couldn’t find the latest shots from Playboy USA – so you will have to go out and buy it if you want to check out the story – which you should do anyway – and not steal it from the internet. I did find this shot of her from a past appearance on the cover of German Playboy.


Sjoukje Bredenkamp (South Africa)

Sjoukje is South Africa’s hottest export. She also dominates in all areas of kiteboarding and holds a women’s speed record.


photo 4:  Sjoukje Bredenkamp  


Jalou Langeree (Netherlands)

Sister of Kevin Langeree, Jalou is the Netherland’s hottest export. She’s a regular on the PKRA tour and holds several 2nd places.


photo 5:  Jalou Langeree 


Susi Mai (Dominican Republic)

Susi is a regular on the PKRA tour, and a Cabrinha international team rider.

photo 6:  Susi Mai  


Bruna Kajiya (Brazil)

A regular on the PKRA tour, and one of the few girls that can really hang with the boys, do kiteloops and handle passes.

photo 7:  Bruna Kajiya 


Angela Peral (Spain)

Angela is a windsurfer, kiter and surfer and had a 5th place on the PKRA tour in 2005.

photo 8:  Angela Peral  


Kari Schibevaag (Norway)

Kari is one of the hottest new riders on the PKRA tour.

photo 9:  Kari Schibevaag  


from  The 7 Hottest Kite Babes in the kiteboard World RETRO JULY 2008

7 Hottest Kite Babes in the kiteboard World

Ikiteboarding has rated Kristin Boese, Sjoukje Bredenkamp, Jalou Langeree, Susi Mai, Bruna Kajiya, Angela Peral and Kari Schibevaag as the 7 Hottest Kite Babesn the world. Who is your favourite?


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