Kite Tour Asia Vietnam will feature C2Sky Freestyle Raid and Asian Old Skool Championships

Round two of the Asian Kiteboard Championship tour sees the KTA return to Mui Ne Vietnam for its third season from the 15th – 19th February 2012.


Big Air time Old Skool Style / KTA
Big Air time Old Skool Style / KTA

Show style Old Skool / KTA
Show style Old Skool / KTA

Technical and low - new style freestyle action / KTA
Technical and low – new style freestyle action / KTA

HONG KONG: The Kiteboard Tour Asia (KTA) is pleased to announce the second round of the 2012 KTA Asia Kiteboard Tour, which features the C2Sky Freestyle Raid and Asian Old Skool Championships being held in Mui Ne Vietnam.

The Vietnamese crescent beach is well known for its great winds and is becoming a South East Asian mecca for kitesurfing and kiteboarding and has super conditions to stage the event.

This is a tour stop with a completely different flavour. Normally the KTA combines the Asian freestyle championship tour with kite racing but to take advantage of the conditions offered by the location in Vietnam this event will instead feature the big air jumping skills and ‘airstyle’ mastery of the Old Skool riding style that is one of the most spectacular competitions from the kiteboarding roster.

Jeff Newell – C2Sky:

“C2Sky as one of Mui Ne’s oldest and most established kite center’s is all about unity and is proud to be have a major supportive role in bringing the KTA back to Vietnam and giving a chance for home grown local talent to be in the spotlight.

Toby Braeuer – Old Skool competitor:

“With the current type of technically scored freestyle riding the sport has lost some of its big attraction for spectators and media which are key for any event, but with the Asian Old Skool Championship it can finally be demonstrated again. It’s what kiteboarding is about: a show on the water!

It’s the KTA tour stop with a big difference. There are no major sponsors for this one but everyone has agreed that the competition level in Vietnam is so exciting that we are holding it anyway. So this one is home grown, funded and delivered by not only the KTA but also by the riders, hangers on, local supporters and key to the whole event our local organisers and hosts in Mui Ne – C2Sky!

So it’s back to the origins of the KTA, grassroots energy and lots of progression…..

This round of the Asian Tour will be all about competitors making the best use of the high wind and swell conditions of Mui Ne. No course racing this time as the Asian Course Race Championships are coming up in March in Thailand and the Mui Ne conditions do not offer the best for the racers, but for the big air guys flying high and the freestylers this spot is heaven! 

As the event title suggests it’s a freestyle raid on Vietnam, with new school freestyle being the main world ranking event, but also this time the tour will feature both Old Skool and Big Air, so a major feast whether you are a competitor or spectator as you witness the first ever Asian Old Skool Championships.

For more information contact:
Willy Kerr   -  KTA Tour and Media Director
Tel:  +66895292050       

About KTA

The KTA was formed to give an international platform to the skills and talents of kiteboarders throughout Asia, and to bring professional level competition and training to the region. The KTA launched the first international tour of its kind in Asia in September 2009 visiting five countries over the 2009/2010 season.

Following the success of its first tour the KTA is back for the 2010/11 season with a further five stop Asian Tour and a new range of national level, stand alone, Open Events.

The KTA is open to everyone from anywhere, amateur and pro riders alike. It is the one and only officially Asian continental tour sanctioned by the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA), the kitesurfing world governing body, which in turn is the class representative to the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) sanctioning international sailing competitions from world championship to Olympic levels.

KTA’s philosophy is to start slow and grow steadily. They are focused on giving homegrown riders the opportunity to experience the fun and excitement of being part of an international competition scene. The KTA hopes to provide a stepping-stone for the region’s best riders onto the World tour scene by giving them the full experience of high level competition at a more local level, and who knows, maybe in the process discover a future world champion!

The KTA Asian Tour will result in tour stop event champions, the eventual overall KTA open tour champions, and the Asian champions and world rankings in the IKA and ISAF sanctioned classes of freestyle and kite racing.


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