Setting out to make an HD film, Alexis and I began shooting in the spring of 2007|


Setting out to make an HD film, Alexis and I began shooting in the spring of 2007. Now with the 2008 Hawaiian winter season concluding, and over two terabytes of footage logged, its time to release our film.

There have been many lessons this year, but they can best be summed up by the line, “If it were easy, everybody would do it.” Working in some of the most difficult filming conditions, chasing a complex combination of weather variables, with a modest budget and tight time schedules, the road to a state-of-the-art wave-riding video has had some bumps. Yet it has all been worth it.

“Somebody has to live the lifestyle that everyone else dreams about, it might as well be us.”

An extraordinary cast of riders, a film crew with years of experience, unparalleled HD water-videography, an itinerary loaded with the world’s best wind and waveriding, and the apparent blessing of Mother Nature herself, provide the ingredients for a film from the unique point of view of the pioneers of this, the golden era of kitesurfing.

Yet, even as post-production concluded, a last challenge surfaced. Within days of going to replication, Bilderback Productions had to perform a surgical reconstruction on the name of the film. The working title “LINES”, had apparently been used by a snowboarding film by Axel Pauporte’, and so as not to confuse anyone, The Kite Movie – LINES will now be the official name of the release from Bilderback Productions. 

Follow Jason Slezak, Davey Blair, Andre Phillip, Felix Pivec, Sky Solbach, Dreu Beavis, Moe Goold and others to locations like West Australia, Indonesia, Hawaii and Cape Hatteras for REAL Kiteboarding’s Triple S Invitational. Its sure to make you want to ride!

See the trailer on line at: 

The DVD goes on sale April 1st with an HD Blu-Ray release being scheduled later in the year. 


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