I am very excited to announce the launch of the first KB4Girls chapter in Germany which is located in South Germany. As you girls in the South know, we are not blessed with a lot of wind. However, this should not keep us from getting together to meet the other kite chicks in the South, chat about the latest equipment and the next level trick and kite as much as possible. If at a chapter event there is not enough wind to kite, there will be no-wind-activities such as training with the simulator, wakeboarding, BBQ and tutorials. We will also have trips to windier spot in driving distance and in the winter of course some snowkiting action.
Let me shortly introduce myself. My name is Inga Wobker, I am living at Lake Constance, and I am very happy to have been chosen as a KB4Girls Ambassador for South Germany. I “grew up” kitesurfing with KB4Girls. Having participated in the North German KB4Girls events in the last three years, I learned so many new tricks, met so many amazing girls, and just had so much fun that I didn’t mind driving 2.000 km for one weekend. Now I am even participating in the Kitesurf Surf Trophy and it is always so much fun to meet the other girls from KB4girls at those competitions and compete against them. It is time for me now to give back: I want to encourage you girls from the South to get out there, kite as much as possible and if you are up for the challenge to participate in contests. We might not have as much wind as the girls in the North but we definitely have the spirit!

About Kb4Girls
KB4girls’ visions are driven by the passion to help others and unite females around the world through the sport of kiteboarding. Striving to reach out to a broad audience of girls and women, KB4girls gives females more recognition in the world of watersports but also reaches out to those women and children in need around the world through fundraising events and other programs.

Posted by Inga Wobker
Keep an eye on the KB4Girls Chapter South Germany

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