KB4 Girls Kitesurfing Clinic in Israel in July

The Sea of Galillee is very famous for being the place where Jesus walked on water…. well, that’s the best spot for kiting during summer in Israel.
We are very proud to announce our very first KB4Girls Kitesurfing Clinic in Israel!

We are going to stay there for three days and two nights in a beautiful place. The wind during this season comes in on a daily basis every afternoon. During the day we are going to have fun activities in the shade and during the afternoons we will have the hands on experience with top Israeli kitesurfers guidance. During the evenings we are planning on viewing the photos and videos from the day, and learn from our mistakes.

We are calling all kitegirls from across the globe to come and join us!

Summer in Israel is the best time to visit. The girls who are coming to the clinic are from all around the country and will be happy to show you around.

This is our event on facebook:

http://www.facebook.com/events/146230282167931/ Feel free to contact us for any questions

This is where we’re staying


The best surfing mentors
Row of photographers
Many special gifts to the registered girls
And girls pushing, encouraging and encourage each other
come to Extreme Fan

This is your chance to surf like Jesus

Schedule :

Monday (16.7)

12:30 meeting on Diamond Beach, bureaucracy and receiving gifts.
13:00 Safety briefing and Dance for the wind
Surfing … …
20:30 dinner in a restaurant
22:30 Gathering at the sleeping place and training for tomorrow

Tuesday (17.7) – 9:00 Breakfast

10:00 Training “dry” and staffing guides
13:00 going Diamond
Surfing … with guidance …+ Professional Photos
20:30 dinner in a restaurant
22:30 Gathering Inn in the transition to video and repairs

Wednesday (18.7) – 9:00 Breakfast

10:00 Training “dry” and staffing guides
13:00 going Diamond
Surfing … with guidance …
19:00 saying goodbye
Price: funny (and thanks to our sponsors)
Including accommodation and half board.
NIS 350 (3 days, 2 nights)
Date: July 16-17-18
Place: Diamond Beach, Sea of ​​Galilee.

• Places are limited, hurry to register here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/27912798/x/app.html


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