JT Pro Center in the Caribbean

Together with pro kiteboarders Jeremie Tronet, Linn Svendsen and local islander Nicolas Bascunana Dulac, we are proud to announce the first ever “JT Pro Center“:JT Pro Center
Located in the lower Caribbean in the stunning Grenadines archipelago, the JT Pro Kiteboarding Center is based on Union Island.

Though Jeremie Tronet and Linn Svendsen have been traveling to some of the most exotic and unique places in the world, it is on Union Island they have chosen to make their first kitesurfing center.

“We want to share our lifestyle in the Caribbean with everybody [...]” says Jeremie, “The playground” , as Jeremie likes to call Union Island, has everything you can dream of to spend an amazing holiday, whether you want to learn kitesurfing, become better at it, surf or simply relax.
The video presentation of the kite center is already available here:http://vimeo.com/29509409
The JT Pro Center is located on Clifton beach, 200 meters from the beach bungalow accommodation we offer. The amazing transparent lagoon makes it a perfect spot to learn in perfect conditions from December untuil the end of June. We also have a few waves for surfing or playing around in on the outer reef.

We offer beginner kitesurfing lessons, advanced lessons with videos and photo shoots, kite clinics, gear rentals and day tours to all the surrounding islands.
For all the wakeboarding enthusiasts a kicker and slider will be built during the season, so stay tuned on our website for the latest news.

Associated with Ocean Rodeo, the JT Pro Center will also be an international Ocean Rodeo test center with all the 2012 gear available to test.

We invite you to have a look at our website www.kitesurfgrenadines.com where you will find all the necessary information to reserve your flights, accommodation and additional information on Union island and the Grenadines.

The JT Pro Center on Union island is the first of a chain we are planning on expanding to key kiteboarding spots in the following years. So come and experience what it is to live the Caribbean life with us in the Grenadines.


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