The second edition of 100% Kiteboarding Journal, the IKO publication dedicated to kiteboarding, is | The second edition of 100% Kiteboarding Journal, the IKO publication dedicated to kiteboarding, isnow available in English and in French. By using its internal network, IKO is able to distribute the journal for free in more than 20 countries, thus attracting the general public closer to the sport. Many themes are developed in this second issue, such as ripping in Brazil and South Africa, kiteboarding in Hawaii with Paul Franco, pro rider and IKO examiner, how to manage a kiteboarding center and teaching children. Indeed, the youth are the future of this sport, and IKO felt that not enough attention was given to them, which is ironic because they are the future of the sport. IKO has sought the opinion of various people involved in the kiteboarding industry to give their opinion on the development of the sport. Moreover, it has elaborated a safety quiz in order to make readers realize a few essential safety standards in a fun way. In every issue and by simply asking them to participate in the journal, IKO makes its internal group, the kiteboarding industry and kiteboarders from all over the world interact. The journal is distributed in IKO affiliated kiteboarding centers and shops, as well as through tour operators specialized in sports holidays and during special events. It is also available on line. IKO, the International Kiteboarding Organization, was founded in November 2001 as an independent and international organization in order to develop and promote kiteboarding worldwide. Through the development of a professional network, IKO provides a high level of teaching standards, recognized and applied worldwide, encompassing more than 427 instructors, ten examiners, and 91 affiliated centers worldwide. Moreover, the organization aims at enhancing and promoting the practice of kiteboarding worldwide as part of its 2003 objectives by creating a safety label, the KS2 norm, offering worldwide insurance to riders and schools, and organizing the World Ranking in 2003. Publications that support the efforts of IKO are the Kiteboarder Manual sold in all kite centers and sports shops working with IKO, and 100% Kiteboarding Journal, a journal published in English and French, and distributed for free in more than 18 countries. Partners in 2001-2002 included Takoon, Flexifoil and For further information on IKO and its activities, visit or send an email to

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