the British kiteboarder Aaron Hadlow will be wearing CHIEMSEE clothing from now on.| FLYING HIGH This year he has scooped up all the prizes that were to be won, now he has a new outfit ­ fit for a winner: the British kitesurfer Aaron Hadlow will be wearing CHIEMSEE clothing from now on. The 16-year-old is probably the youngest Kite surf World Champion ever. Toughened up by the chilling waves of the North Sea, where the kite surfing champion learned it all, there is nothing that could keep him down. The 16-year-old spends a lot of time away from his native England training at the South African beaches. In 2004 he proved what he is made of and on top of being World Champ 2004-05 he scooped: 1st Place Velocity Games, Texas, USA 1st Place King of the Bay, San Francisco, USA 1st Place PKRA World Tour, Austria 1st Place PKRA World Tour Germany 1st Place PKRA World Tour Belgium 2nd Place PKRA World Tour Dom. Rep 2nd Place PKRA World Tour Canaries 4th Place Red Bull King Of The Air, Maui, USA And next year he wants to really get going… which is good enough for CHIEMSEE. So they decided to take Aaron on board and give him ample supplyof rash vests, kiteshorts and street wear. With Aaron the Team CHIEMSEE will encompass five kite surfers: Sebastian Bubmann, Jason Furness, Bastian Langer, Ingrid Köllbichler and now, new to the kite team of the Grabenstätter boardsports-specialists: Aaron Hadlow ­ current kitesurf world Champ. Please visit our website:

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