The Caribbean is definitely my favorite place on earth and certainly the closest to what I can call my home.

All the islands are very close to each other and so different in the same time.

I am right now in the Grenadines in the south Caribbean. The trade winds haven’t stopped blowing since we arrived which gave us the opportunity to try out some new spots around Union Island and Mayreau.
Since we arrived we have been surfing, did some SUP and kite every single days.
We met up with Nicolas who has one of the nicest grocery store on Union Island. He is a Pilot and get a lot of food from Martinique which is very nice for all the boats coming down here and looking for some great food and supplies to buy. Here is the website, they are located on Union Island:
It is with him and some other good friends that we have been spending our days, flying around in his plane to look for the best waves and going to the best kite spots around the different islands.
The last time we came down here, we tought a few friends how to kite. They are now pretty good kiters, Lee and Sebastien are now ripping Union Island lagoons and they are getting better every single day !
I am now just back from a full fishing day, 28 miles out at sea where we caught some pretty nice fish and where I had the chance to jump in the water to do some crazy deep sea spear fishing…
The wind should be back tomorrow with some epic conditions to start filming !

Source: Jeremie Tronet

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