What is weendy?

weendy is the only real-time wind and wave app that lets you see, post and share updates from your iPhone or Android

phone. Plus you can earn points for discounts in our marketplace.

Who is weendy for?
Surfers, windsurfers, kitesurfers, sailors, fisher people–any iPhone or Android user whose sport depends on the wind and sea.
How much does weendy cost?
It’s free! weendy is supported by the businesses who advertise with us.
How is weendy different from weather forecasts?
weendy is different from forecast in four key ways:
1. Forecasts are just predictions.
2. Forecasts are not in real time.
3. Land and sea breezes are impossible to predict.
4. Forecasts don’t predict the quality of the wind (gusty? choppy?), which is what really matters.
How is weendy different from other real-time wind reports?
Real-time reports from things like surf club wind stations are great for technical data, but they also have limitations.
1. Wind stations are stationary. We can ride anywhere.
2. Most surf clubs don’t share data, so you waste time checking multiple websites to find the best wind or waves. weendy offers all the data about your favorite spots in one app.
3. Wind stations don’t provide any quality value. Is it gusty? Choppy? Or just plain overcrowded?
4. Many don’t have a camera installed. weendy lets you upload pictures on the spot.

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