Gold in World Snow kite Master

I have now spent and amazing week here in the French Alps in Serre Chevalier Vallé, 2000 m over Sea level. This year was great, we got sun and wind every day and there was a lot of people present for the Competition,

Iain Hannay from Spain arrived with 12 riders and it was really fun to ride around with so many of the ozone team riders. Patrick Blanc was one of the riders. Patrick is a really good rider in the water and here he showed that he is also a good snowkiter. He got 5th in the end but he was there fighting with the big names like Guilliaime Chastagnol, Remi Meum and Marek Zach.

Marek Zach is world champion 2011 and an ozone team rider. He has been doing the World Snow Kite Master for many years. It is always really nice to have him around in the competition. He has an amazing powerful style and was unlucky in his heat to not get on the podium. Thanks for the support Marek, you are always there when I need a hand before my heats. I like this spirit.I signed in for snowboard and skis and got 1st in both. I am really happy for this. Last year it was my first year with snowboard and it’s really nice to kite with snowboard in the snow. But I will

never give up on my skis either The last day we did the Race, and I am impressed by Pascal Boulgakoff. He is a good racer and came in 3rd in the competition. He knows how to climb the mountains and he was not far away from the 1st position.
I did the race on snowboard… it was really hard. But In the end I managed to cross the finish line first.

In the end this week has been perfect for me. A super start for an amazing 2012! 3 gold medals I can’t wait for more. I know this year will be a good one.

Just want to say thanks to Iain for a nice week. Next year, bring more people from Spain! Hope to see you guys around somewhere very soon.

Also thanks to the 2 hunks on the podium next time I hope it will be in a speedo

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