GOLD COAST Australia kitesurf

Since one week we are at the Gold Coast / Australia which is a really nice place with a lot of lifestyle. All along the coast you find beach and point brakes and surfing and sports in general is considered as a mayor part of the economy. That´s why the Pkra came here this year! Over the week they finished some wave heats but the last days the wind didn´t show up too much so we went surfing. The organizers are taking good care of us bringing some fashion shows to the stage.Today we finally got some good conditions. Side shore winds for 12 and 10 meter kites and some nice kickers rolling in. The heat against my team mate Cesar Portas went quite good. The next one has been good as well but the World Champion Andy Yates could beat me with a 2/1 decission. He made it up to the second place but the sensation of today was Tom Herbert who won his first event!

Let´s see if the wind comes back for another ride!

Source: Mario Rodwald

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