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From afar, the feet look great. Up close, they do look a bit doll like. The toes aren separated, and the flesh has a strange color to it. To compensate for the lack of toes, the foot articulates. My dad says he can feel the foot conform to the ground beneath him. (Strange to think that he “feels” the feet. It would be interesting to feel what he means).

On realism, he has come to embrace the unnatural look of them. His first set of legs (several years ago) were “more realistic.” They had flesh and hair on the calves, but they were very heavy. This particular set is the lightest he has ever had.

His walking is surprisingly good. He has had many pairs of legs, but he has always used a cane. He doesn need it with this new pair.

He doesn have a limp. Because both of his legs are prosthetic, I guess it kind of cancels out. He does have a hitch in his giddy up though, but not enough to make him stand out in public.

And his speed is somewhat respectable. He doesn run or anything, but he can walk across level surfaces like a normal person. The new articulating feet let him work out in the red bottom shoes yard as well. He can handle the unevenness now!

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