So, here is a high mountain snowkiting session. Chasta, Gégé and me, we went up from the Lautaret road to the Grand Galibier.| 


Chasta + friends discover new spot 

So, here is a high mountain snowkiting session. Chasta, Gégé and me, we went up from the Lautaret road to the Grand Galibier. Nobody went upthere with a snowkite yet. Read one for Chasta’s words and check out the videos from that day!

Hi, yes finaly I scored a new spot at the Lautaret: after all those years, with GG and Pascal Boulguy, we decided to try to climb the big Galibier, it’s a bit more to the right of the Galibier pass, wind has to be more south. Maybe it was to steep for us years before, but we did it. After a week of checking maps, taking pictures and waiting for wind at the bottom near the tunnel, yesterday mother nature decided to give us lot’s of powder, good sunny day and lot’s of wind, it couldn’t be better.

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Me and GG were with 10m MantaII, and pascal with 7m FrenzyFX. The beginning was a bit gusty because of the tree line we’ve there. The view is already crazy, when you look at your kite you can see that huge steep mountain with this huge pic on top. It’s pretty scary and it’s hard to imagine that you can climb something like that. But when it’s windy like this everything is possible.

High resolution version HERE 

So we did it very fast, but the end was really foggy, we had time to pack all our kite, check the super nice view from the north face – ouaaaaaaa. We wanted to film a crazy line and we waited for a while but no more sun. So we rode down that huge face in deep deep powder, but we’re really slow, like almost no view. I hate that feeling when you can’t see, you think you’ve some speed and boummm, you fall and seat down, it’s too funny ;) After 20 minutes we almost reached the valley and the light was back again from the Lautaret pass, so we filmed everything we could on the way down before the road.

And the crazy is, it was still really windy so i had just the time to drink a redbull can, and hop our kites were back in the air again and we were ripping the tunnel road gap. It’s such a good feeling when you ride all day long, and get some good lines to freeride down.For sure we didn’t explore all the potential of snowkiting, it’ll never end
this is the shiiiiittttt – Chasta

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