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Preparing for my 50th Birthday Speech

As I wrestled with the fact that I won be at my ideal weight by my birthday (thank you Nanaimo for inventing bars that are irresistible couldn be my fault alone!) I was gorbling about what this said about my ability to commit, my ethic around being true to my word, etc. How does a chick who can blog for 100 days straight (and usually make sense) deride her ability to commit? I a good committer.

And, like a new teacher pet in my class so ably illustrated this week (oh, he identified as a teacher pet, not me I think he wanted something) if I actually give my word, I keep it. In this instance the kid couldn seem to keep his cellphone out of his hands during class. I offered in that teacher offering kind of “I think this is how we going to play it” kind of way to keep it in my pocket if he didn keep it in his. Zoom! Into his pocket it went. Ten minutes later, pop, it out of the pocket taking up his time. I cruise over. Make my offer again. “No, no, I keep it in my pocket for good.”

“I think I heard that before.”

He makes full eye contact, “I didn say, for good last time.” And, this time, he is true to his word and it is for good.

So, I ask myself, did I give my word. And, I realize I did. I gave my word that, “At 50, I would be in better shape than I was at 40.” I was thinking I would do more push ups (not hard, when you start from a base line of 2) and lose weight. What my be careful what you wish for brain heard was that my true self would be in better shape than I was. And, that, my friends is a done deal:

How am I in better shape as I come up to my 50th birthday than I was at 40?

My Vans with the skull butterfly pattern.

Check the shoe closet. When I was 40 I had running shoes, sturdy blue $12 rubber boots for gardening, Birkenstock look alikes,louboutin outlet sale, an 8 year old pair of patent flats for “good”, hiking boots,cheap michael kors outlet, and a pair of everyday go to work shoes. Now? Well, I still an amateur compared to most women, but suffice it to say my expensive rubber boots have a psychedelic pattern, I have 4 pairs of “good” sandals for summer as well as a slopping around pair. The hiking boots are sidled up beside the 3 pairs of knee high leather boots with various cool lacing patterns, and choices of flats, walking shoes, going to work shoes and flip flops. I figure you can tell a lot about the state of the union with a quick peek into the shoe closet. After all, our Minister of Finance always dons a new pair of shoes to present a new budget for the country shoes and economic well being go hand in hand.

Which brings us to the better shape personal economy of me. At 40, I went bankrupt. I was a renter; now, I an owner. I leased the cheapest car I could find; today, I drive my dream Volvo. Granted, I still have a 13 inch TV, but now,Michael Kors Outlet, at least, we pay for basic cable. And, in the land of technology we are not poor. I am sitting (with my back to the sun streaming through the very nice French doors I was able to install between my beautifully renovated kitchen and the gorgeous spring garden) typing on a ridiculously expensive Mac laptop while the man with whom I shared breakfast types on his ridiculously expensive Mac laptop.

There is more than my better shape economy to celebrate. At 40, I celebrated the graduation of my son from a prestigious private school. How does it get better in the proud momma department? Well, it gets better by having an independent son with an MBA, an accomplished loving wife, a beautiful home, and the guts and self esteem to make tough career decisions that show his commitment to his ongoing growth and development. As much pride as a momma can stuff into that, I have reason to believe that, long after his dependence on his mother is over, he still loves his momma and so does his talented wife. So my better shape? How do you get prouder than 100%?

I think in the intervening 10 years I have learned how to feel it through more of my body fewer Nanaimo bars and Cheezies stuffing down the feelings, perhaps. And, the biggest plus on the 100%? I,michael kors cheap, now, have a daughter in law to love and be proud of too!

Stay tuned for Part 2 and Ian. Two days from now,Michael Kors outlet online!

Gorbling to gorble (verb) The feeling you get in your stomach that burbles up your spine and into your shoulders, could be confused with the onset of shame before you are able to stuff it right down when it belongs in your subconscious usually accomplished with the sledge hammer of a Nanaimo bar.Articles Connexes:

Kiteboard World tour Sicilia Italia Pulido wins, Pastor and Zoon Share First

The last day of the waiting period of the Marsala Freestyle World Cup brought light winds and a beautiful closing ceremony.  The skippers meeting started at twelve o’clock with the intentions of finishing the single elimination and starting the double.  The wind never came up, but the afternoon was pleasant and the award ceremony was started at 5.  Gisela won her second consecutive event and took the points lead on the tour and Youri Zoon and Alex Pastor shared the first place.


Kiteboard World tour Sicilia Italia Pulido wins, Pastor and Zoon Share First podium gorls

Kiteboard World tour Sicilia Italia Pulido wins, Pastor and Zoon Share First podium gorls

The event had two great days of wind and when the spot was on, it was amazing.  The flat waters of the lagoon of Stagnone, with its constant wind, make it a perfect freestyle spot.  We saw many amazing tricks like the blind judge 5, 317, KGB 5 and many more flawlessly executed handle passes.  Liam Whaley had the highest heat total(38.39) and score for a single trick BJ5(8.53). We can say that the conditions along with the best freestylers in the world made the sport look amazing.

Kiteboard World tour Sicilia Italia Pulido wins, Pastor and Zoon Share First

Kiteboard World tour Sicilia Italia Pulido wins, Pastor and Zoon Share First

“I am very happy to finish on the podium, this was my goal for the year and hope to make many more” – Christophe Tack

The atmosphere at the event site was great for the whole week, with many activities being offered to the riders and spectators.  The evening party at the Floria Winery was amazing, with DJ’s and a great dinner.  The Italian culture and lifestyle goes perfectly with a high performance kite event.  All the riders were stocked about the conditions; they just wished they would have had a chance to come back in the double.

“I am very happy to win on my 13m kite, I am more used to the Tarifa winds, I am also happy to take the points lead and will not face Bruna in the semifinal next event”- Gisela Pulido


Kiteboard World tour Sicilia Italia Pulido wins, Pastor and Zoon Share First action

Kiteboard World tour Sicilia Italia Pulido wins, Pastor and Zoon Share First action


The next freestyle event will be in Sankt Peter-Ording, Germany on July 12, 2013.  The race for first place for the women is heating up again, between Gisela and Karolina.  Alex pastor has been dominating this year, he has not lost a heat in 2013, will someone be able to challenge him? Make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook.



  1. Gisela Pulido(ESP)
  2. Karolina Winkoska(POL)
  3. Bruna Kajiya(BRA)
  4. Annabel Van Weterop(ARU)


  1. Alex Pastor(ESP)
  2. Youri Zoon(NED)
  3. Christophe Tack(BL)
  4. Marc Jacobs(NZL)

Airush kites lithium zero strut lightwind freeride 2013


The Airush Lithium introduces a revolutionary new kite size and configuration to the range, taking the all-terrain performance of the name into the lightest of wind.

Airush kites lithium zero strut lightwind freride 2013

Airush kites lithium zero strut lightwind freride 2013

The Airush Lithium 18m Zero takes the concept of making lighter kites to a new level by eliminating all struts. With four years of development along side the Airush One, the result of reducing struts and overall weight highlights the obvious benefit, resulting in the most innovative light-win d kites on the market. At 3.4 kg the 18m Zero is comparable in weight to a regular 10m kite.
Large kites do not need to be sluggish and slow. Quick and live ly, the Airush Lithium Zero, eliminates unnecessary material and drag, making response and steering effortless and fun. Boasting unbeatable power to weight ratio the Zeros jumping and hang-time capabilities are amazing.

Not only quick, the Zero is ideal for the lightest wind wave riding with minimal drag giving the words “drifting” and “stability” a whole new meaning. Just park your kite and watch the Zero follow you as you ride the wave down the line.


The unique wingtips found on the Zero no strut design allow high exposure of canopy, assisting in light-wind relaunching. In addition, the high sweep of the canopy reduces the contact of leading edge to the water.

Airush kites lithium zero strut lightwind freride 2013 Performance

Airush kites lithium zero strut lightwind freride 2013 Performance


Strutless Kite 2013 Boardriding Maui Cloud

Boardriding Maui Cloud
Sizes Available: 5, 6, 8, 10, 13, 17m
Sizes Tested: 8, 10, 13m

Strutless Kite  2013 Boardriding Maui Cloud

Strutless Kite 2013 Boardriding Maui Cloud

Boardriding Maui Says:

What makes this strutless design special is its ability to dynamically twist resulting in exciting steering speed. The draft profile fills freely for great range with clean low-end lift, delivering power smoothly and reducing stall at the edge of the window. Surfing down the line, it drifts like nothing else. Super lightweight, the Cloud feels alive. It’s often the first kite that can get off the beach and the last one still out riding.

TKB Says:

We will freely admit that when the Cloud showed up for us to test we were very skeptical of the strutless concept. The Cloud is the first strutless kite on the market and is quite different compared to anything we’ve tested before. The Cloud comes in a simple stuff sack and is amazingly light and small when packed compared to traditional strutted kites.

The Cloud features a moderately long bridle, very wide wingtips, and a squared-off outline. The leading edge features a large diameter Boston valve and there are no adjustments to make on the bridle. It is inflated the same way as other kites and does not require more leading edge pressure than traditional kites.




Currently Boardriding Maui does not produce a control bar, but the Cloud can be used with any 4-line bar with all lines even. The kite’s bridle uses fool-proof connections with loops on the leading edge bridle and knots on the trailing edge.

Launching the Cloud is no different than any other kite and we were able to successfully self launch and self land without having to use any special techniques. In the sky the Cloud feels very light and extremely stable. Turning is relatively quick and immediate with medium bar pressure.

An area where the Cloud really shines is in the amount of low-end power it produces. Our testers came to the conclusion that you should be able to get away with riding a Cloud that is about two square meters smaller than the average kite. With no struts we expected the Cloud to become more unstable and distort under load, but it seems like the opposite is true. The more load that is on the canopy the better it looks and the more solid the kite feels.


Relaunching the Cloud is surprisingly easy. Our testers reported that they were able to relaunch it by simply turning the bar and did not need to pull on a back line. The testers also found that relaunching is easiest if you first wait for the Cloud to drift further downwind before starting the relaunch process as this causes the canopy to open more.

The Cloud is easy to get upwind on and our testers felt it has good jumping performance. Where the Cloud feels very different than traditional kites is the way it sheets. The kite’s full range of power lies in a relatively short bar throw which can lead the kite to feel a little on-or-off until you get used to smaller movements with the bar. With no struts the canopy begins to luff just behind the leading edge as you sheet out, but this is normal for this kite. Riders who do not like to see or hear their kite canopy flapping may have a hard time adjusting to the Cloud, but our testers had no problem getting used to it and commented that it reminded them of a sailboat sail being sheeted out in overpowered conditions.


As you reach the upper end of the kite’s wind range and sheet it out further, the Cloud remains controllable, but the trailing edge of the canopy will begin to flutter, especially during turns. At this point the fluttering becomes distracting as you can feel it in the bar as you ride, but if you’ve depowered the Cloud to this point, you should be on a smaller kite.

Overall, we were really surprised by how easy and fun the Cloud is to ride. It’s a different riding experience than other kites, but not radically so. Because it’s so different some riders may be reluctant to give it a try, but the Cloud is a well-refined product that a good range of riders will enjoy.


  • Great low end power.
  • The Clouds are very lightweight and take up about half the space of a traditional kite when packed.
  • Extremely stable in the sky with quick, direct, and predictable handling.


  • The Cloud is a different kind of kite that takes a bit of time to get used to.
  • This kite must be very heavily sanded or tied to a solid object to keep it from being blown off a windy beach. It’s a good idea to fill the kite bag with sand and tie it to the kite so it stays put.
  • The canopy flutters a lot when riding this kite at the top of it’s wind range. Riders who like to ride overpowered may find it hard to get used to.


  • Check your line lengths before flying the cloud for the first time. It’s very sensitive to trim and it’s critical that you start with all four lines even.
  • Get used to the luffing in the forward part of the canopy when sheeting out. This is normal and isn’t a bad thing. If the Cloud is luffing along its trailing edge you’ve sheeting out too much and you should be on a smaller kite.
  • When relaunching, it’s best if you wait for a few moments to let the kite drift further downwind until the canopy is fully open.


Slingshot New Website Launches Soon


We’re planning to launch a completely new online experience at the end of March. It’s been some time since we’ve had a new website and finally we will have a platform built with modern technology and latest web standards. Coupled with a powerful content management system, we’ll be able to focus on giving our riders the best product experience yet. Not only will all the necessary information be there, but a deeper look into our technology and innovations as well as educational videos. Video will play a large part of the site as we begin to integrate all the work we’ve been doing to create interesting and entertaining content. Now we have another platform to share this with everyone.

Slingshot New Website Launches Soon

Slingshot New Website Launches Soon

We’ll also have sections in the site that speak more to our culture and what we believe in. There will be great inside information on our Team riders, a look inside our Factory as well as our History. We’ll be building a new Support section that will be filled with helpful answers and a library of product information. A new Warranty process and Product Registration will highlight our best-in-class Customer Service. The new site will be a great example of the current brand movement and messaging for everyone to follow. It fits right in line with the current ad campaigns as well as our other visual channels. Our goal is to create one brand experience that connects our different sports and shows our true commitment to being a top watersports company.

Of course, this will all be tied together with the latest social sharing tools and optimized for the best SEO performance. The mobile experience will be much improved as well since more and more users are experiencing our site through these devices.

We’re excited to share the new site with you and the industry. Our hope is that it becomes an invaluable tool for everyone and the one place you can go to find out what Slingshot is all about.

ASV New race kite Brand

“The XR kite has been developed focusing on the simplicity of use that naturally allows any racers to be faster. Upwind and speed are major points that make the XR an incredibly fast kite, but we made sure that the design it took to develop these qualities didn’t limit us in developing all other key quality such bar feeling, steering speed, acceleration after tacks and floatation during jibes. What we really wanted to create was a fast wing that would inspire confidence in all conditions and that would help the racer to perform his best with all the fundamentals involved in Kite racing.”

ASV New race kite Brand

ASV New race kite Brand

Sizes Available: 17.5, 14, 11, and 9M.


F-One New Trust Kite

For 2013 F-ONE presents the Bandit’s little brother. A kite built and designed 100% for FREERIDE. The goal was to offer riders of all levels a kite with an intuitive feel, optimum relaunch, great stability and complete power control.

F-One New Trust Kite Photo Gilles CALVET

F-One New Trust Kite Photo Gilles CALVET

The TRUST gives the rider amazing control of his speed, therefore providing a very smooth ride. Its main attribute being giving the rider easier control in his edging, it is living proof that a kite can also help significantly in absorbing chop and waves. Combined with its great upwind ability and exceptional stability in neutral positions, you will have complete confidence in theTRUST!!

F-One New Trust Kite

The kite is very predictable making the steering instinctive and very intuitive. With its direct steering, you will always know where the kite is in the sky – just as if it was part of your own body. The first time you fly the TRUST you will immediately be able to take advantage of the kites full potential.

Stability was at the core of its development and you know you will be in complete control of the TRUST regardless of the wind or wave conditions. Maneuverable and responsive this kite will very quickly give you the confidence to try some new moves.

The DELTA C Shape originally designed by F-ONE remains the most progressive design in recent years to optimize relaunch. The leading-edge diameter tapers towards the wingtips, allowing the kite to pivot on its wingtips. This new flexible design allows the kite to quickly relaunch when it is on its back. This auto-relaunch feature gives the rider complete peace of mind when riding or trying new tricks as he knows the kite will always relaunch.

The TRUST was designed to give the rider consistent power and depower with smooth transitions without any twitching or jerking in the bar. With its great depower ability you can bring the power all the way down to zero, making you feel very secure in any conditions.

You can also easily neutralize your kite by activating the quick release, which will make the kite land depowered, on its back. The TRUST is equipped with the same quick-release technology as the BANDIT that has been used for years by thousands of kiters who trust its effectivity.

The bar of the TRUST kite also benefits from the advanced technology applied to the BANDIT MONOLITH BAR and is similarly carved from a single block of aluminum 6061. This CNC tooling process enables us to manufacture the bar from single piece of aluminum. This new technique is combined with the use of aluminum 6061, a composite aluminum made with magnesium and silica used in the aerospace industry. Apart from its increased strength this alloy offers very good stiffness and excellent corrosion resistance.

F-one TRUST kitebar

F-one TRUST kitebar

The TRUST will surprise you with its outstanding performance and give you amazing sensations of power and control every session.

North EVO 2013



North EVO 2013

North EVO 2013

The ultimate all rounder, the Evo from North Kiteboarding is the kite to own if you change your riding style as often as you change your clothes! Jaime Herraiz needs no introduction as a rider, he excels at freestyle, freeride and wave kiting, and the Evo is his choice. Tom Hebert competed at the top level of the sport in freestyle, is also known for boosting huge old school moves and shredding the waves, naturally the Evo is his choice too. The kite has a smooth, predictable feel that riders fall in love with, the power delivery is progressive and the kite feels more like a C kite than the delta hybrid that it is. This year the Evo incorporates the new adaptive tips and also our streamline strut system, these new struts allow us to control the flow of air over the kite much better. This means we can improve the kites turning speed and responsiveness and reward the rider with a much more lively feeling kite. The larger sizes have a fuller profile and this gives them a much better low end range. The Evo can be flown with 4 lines or 5 giving the rider the choice to ride the kite however they desire. Depower is excellent, while the turning is direct and responsive allowing the rider to instinctively feel where the kite is in the window. The Evo soon ceases to be a kite and instead becomes an extension of your own arms! Hooked in, unhooked, freeride, freestyle, small waves, monster swells, strapped or unstrapped the Evo is your ticket to ride!
Watch the brand new EVO 2013 product clip. The Evo offers excellent depower ability and quick, predictable turning and drift, ideal for the more surf-minded kiters. Whatever the day brings, you will always be prepared to take advantage of the conditions. Whether you´re into stomping freestyle tricks, shredding waves, jumping, cruising or all of the above, the Evo´s got you covered.






Setup for Kiteboarding Olympic Training Center:


Today the main Kiteboarding activities are based in the south at Le Morne, most Schools, as most private riders travelling. Also all kiteboard events are taking place at Le Morne.
We are now reaching full capacity in winter time as main activity is wave riding.
The North East lagoons we see here are perfectly suitable for kiteboarding course racing, the Olympic Race Format, where large clear areas are needed.