Guajiru Round the Island Race & Party was held at Ilha do Guajiru (Brazil), the Flatwatersea! With a wide range ofcountries of all over the world.(All photos courtesy Flatwatersea)

The course was exhausting, and the kiters were really challenged by it’s length: Start at Praia da Barra, upwind to Casa da Bruxa, backdownwind, running 3 minutes over the Dunes, downwind over the Sea, then upwind back to Casa da Bruxa, and then downwind to the finish!It was an amazing Race with amazing winners!

Men’s results:

1. Victor Adamo. BRAZIL – CABRINHA  Rs15002. Brahian de Leon Paulino.DOM REP 3. Tomas Teixeira Gomes. BRAZIL

Women’s result’s:

1. Claudia Santos Dentra. BRAZIL 2. Mariliany Marques de Meneses. BRAZIL Rs 500.3. Monica Pimoni. ITALY Rs 350.-

Next year the event will take place again. Larger in volume, larger in number of participants, larger prize money and who knows an even more challenging course?

Reserve the date to be there and join the race of next year. Keep an eye on the Cabrinha website and all major kiteboard magazines worldwide, around July 2011 the next Race will be announced to take place again in November.

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