The Switchblade 2 could just be the most versatile kite on the market today. Made famous for its performance and ease of use, the new Switchblade steps up to the plate once again with the addition of our Sprint™ single point rapid inflation system and our improved Override™ 2 security system. | The Switchblade 2 could just be the most versatile kite on the market today. Made famous for its performance and ease of use, the new Switchblade steps up to the plate once again with the addition of our Sprint™ single point rapid inflation system and our improved Override™ 2 security system. The Switchblade can not only boast about what’s been added but about what’s been taken away. Bar pressure. The Switchblade’s bar pressure is virtually non existent. Because the Switchblade comes complete with our Powerdrive 121 control system without pulleys, we’ve been able to eliminate most of the bar pressure while retaining all of the performance of a bow kite. This makes the Switchblade 2 the hands down favorite kite of our pro team when it comes to handle pass or kite loop combination tricks. But don’t let the lack of bar pressure fool you. The Switchblade still maintains it’s depower on demand capabilities though the use of our new Override™ 2 security system. Override™’s depower on demand is as simple as it gets. Simply push the control bar into the Override™ mode and the kite will immediately depower and begin to drop from the sky. You can avoid many accidents before they happen by maintaining control of the power of your kite at all times. Now with Override™ 2 this often imitated concept has gone one better. We’ve added a new user adjustable Override™ stopper unit. Unlike the competition, you, the rider can now choose the release load of the Override™ stopper unit. A new integrated tension ring can be adjusted for either a lighter or more positive release load depending on your skill level or riding preference. While wake stylers and legions of the new school army will immediately appreciate the familiar feel of the Powerdrive 121 bar input and the way the kite carries speed throughout the turns, freeriders will now have a performance kite that is incredibly easy to use. The Switchblade 2 comes standard with our Powerdrive 121 control system. This Override™ 2 equipped control system is a highly evolved pulley less bar with an impressive level of security and control. The design of the PD 121 sets a new benchmark in simplicity while providing the state of the art security functions essential to the safe operation of a bow kite. The Switchblade 2 from Cabrinha. Whether you are pushing the limits of wake style / freestyle or freeriding, the Switchblade is hard core performance in a simple to use package. SWITCHBLADE 2 TECHNOLOGY FEATURES SINGLE POINT RAPID INFLATION SYSTEM (Sprint™) The Sprint™ inflation system is a simple to use feature to quickly inflate your kite to an even pressure. The Sprint™ system uses a single inflation point to connect your high volume, two way Cabrinha pump. As you pump your kite with air, all struts and your leading edge inflate quickly and simultaneously to the desired pressure. The supplied leash pump and threaded valve connection keeps your kite under control even when pumping up directly in the wind. Once the kite is pumped you can choose to clip off, or isolate the air contained in the struts. This way if you damage a strut while in use, the rest of the kite will continue to maintain its pressure. At the end of the session you can choose to deflate your kite completely by disengaging the strut air clips. Or you can keep your struts inflated and put your kite away rolled up so that the next session will takes just minutes to set up. PRO SPAN EXTREME While defying the laws of physics, Cabrinha Pro Span Extreme™ arc kites surpass all conventional arc kites in terms of raw power, efficiency, range and depower, turning speed, handling, and most importantly
 weight. Thats because the flatter Pro Span Extreme™ arc uses less square surface area to deliver the same power as a conventional arc kite which is much larger in size. Less is more has never rang so true. OVERRIDE™ 2 The Cabrinha Override™ system introduced the concept of Depower on Demand. Now, Override™ 2 has once again redefined it. One of the most valuable features of the Switchblade 2 is it’s ability to immediately depower the kite on demand by just pushing the control system into Override mode. With Override™ 2 you can avert accidents before they happen by maintaining control over the power of your kite at all times. Unlike many other kites, the Switchblade 2 can be depowered without ever taking your hands off of the control bar. RELAUNCH ASSIST The Switchblade 2’s bridle makes relaunching off the water or snow a snap. When the kite is leading edge down on the water or snow, just pull on either the left or right leader line. The wing tip will rise off of the surface and allow the rider to position the kite into the side launch position. BOW KITE BRIDLE One of the reasons for the Switchblade 2’s incredible rock solid stability is the simple leading edge bridle. The Switchblade 2 bridle delivers on two fronts: Stability and trim. The obvious benefit to the performance of the kite is the way that the bridle fully supports the leading edge of the kite under the constantly changing loads of pressure. This increased stability allows the kite to react to the riders input from the bar without the deformation that can occur with a traditional kite. The other revolutionary feature of the bridle is its ability to drastically change the angle of attack of the kite while keeping equal pressure on all load points. This in turn creates an unprecedented range of power and trim including absolute depower. POWERDRIVE 121 CONTROL SYSTEM OVERVIEW The Switchblade 2 comes with an enhanced control system that allows you take full advantage of all the Switchblade has to offer. We’ve made many tweaks and modifications based on our invaluable customer feedback to deliver the most cutting edge control system to date. OVERRIDE™ 2 The new Override™ stopper has been re-designed for more positive engagement and disengagement. The new internal catch mechanism is now mechanic instead of friction. It makes re-setting Override onto its sleeve a snap. Literally! The external shape of Override 2™ accomplishes two things. First, the new ergonomics allow for a much better grip on the fitting when re-setting it onto its sleeve. Secondly the design integrates the CAS Power Adjusters for a much cleaner and more streamline operation of the kite’s trim. We’ve added elastic to the Power Adjusters so that they maintain positive tension no matter where they are positioned. POWER ADJUSTERS The CAS line extenders keep the adjustment of the centerline adjustment strap within easy reach at all time. The added bungee in the line helps to keeps the extenders free from tangling with your leaders by keeping them parallel with the centerline. FLAGGING RING The flagging ball can be used to lay the kite flat on the water or beach when landing or self rescuing. SOFTENED EVA GRIP We have reduced the diameter of the control bar and have softened the EVA grip for a more hand friendly feel. DURABILITY The Switchblade 2 implements many new construction techniques to improve the overall durability of the kite. We now use flat seams in all of the leading edge panels. This results in stronger seaming especially in the closing seam. Many of the body panels are also taped flat seams for added strength. FULL CONTACT STRUTS The full contact between the strut and the leading edge helps to ensure a rigid frame. The positive connection not only provides stability while the kite is in flight but delivers added durability and a rapid relaunch. POWERDRIVE 121 CONTROL SYSTEM The Powerdrive 121 control system features a host of refinements designed to increase performance and decrease clutter. The Powerdrive 121 implements our impressive Override™ 2 stopper unit which provides a user definable depower on demand. Additionally the power adjusters have been integrated into the Override™ unit – which keeps them aligned with the depower line, reducing the chances of tangling. The Powerdrive 121 control system features a new reduced diameter bar with softer, embossed EVA grip end to end. It has a smooth stainless center section for improved durability where the QR meets the bar. It integrates a stainless steel swivel into the top of the harness loop. And it now comes complete with our Bypass leash.

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