Cabrinha Quest Eco Challenge Winners Decided

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the Quest Eco Challenge!  We got more than 400 inspiring and absolutely amazing entries from you and others across the globe who care passionately about the Earth and who have challenged not only themselves but their children and neighbors to live more simple and sustainable lives.  This was an almost impossible task, and our judging panel had a very, very hard time ranking the many incredible entries.  We used creativity and eco-effectiveness/consciousness as our primary criterion, and the inspiring entries we received made putting some ahead of others almost impossible.  In the end though we feel like we’ve decided on four people who have truly gone above and beyond in living an eco-lifestyle.  We’ll be sharing these stories and more in the coming weeks and hope to create a dialogue that goes beyond borders and creates a wave of change around the world for years to come.

Cabrinha Quest Eco Challenge Winners Decided

Cabrinha Quest Eco Challenge Winners Decided


The Grand Prize winner is Mike Hutchings, who will join us in Los Roques, Venezuela for our inaugural voyage.

First Prize goes to Yancy Wright, who will also join us for our inaugural voyage.

Second Prize goes to Neil Townsend, who wins a great bit of kit from Patagonia

Third prize goes to Tristan Fields, who wins a brand new Tronic board from Cabrinha


An extremely rare situation has caused us to have an open cabin on this first trip, October 26th in Los Roques.  Cabins for the Cabrinha Quest come up very rarely to non-members, but I want to extend an invitation only to you, the Eco Challenge entrants at a huge discount to join us in Los Roques with Reo Stevens.  I wish we could provide a free cabin to everyone who enterred, but alas, this isn’t possible, but I do hope you can maybe still join us?  Cost for a cabin (two person occupancy) is $3900 USD, all inclusive (a 50% discount off our normal price). If you are interested, please email immediately so we can make arrangements to get you on board.


Again I thank you for not only entering the Quest Eco Challenge, but more importantly for sharing with us and inspiring others to live more sustainable lives.


Kindest regards,


Gavin McClurg and the Cabrinha Quest Team

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