You’re originally from Germany – how did you wind up in Cabarete?| SUSI MAI INTERVIEW Q: You’re originally from Germany – how did you wind up in Cabarete? A: My parents moved to DR for windsurfing when I was 6 years old. Before that, we had spent 6 months every season in southern Italy where my dad had a windsurfing school. Since we moved to DR I went home every summer to visit my grandparents and cousins. Q: What was it like growing up in the Dominican Republic? A: When we first got there the town almost didn’t even exist yet. I grew up a beach-girl, spending lots of time outside, but there were many things we didn’t have that were ‘normal’ in other places, such as cinemas, theme parks and all that kind of stuff. For over 5 years we didn’t even have a TV, let alone a video games. Two very happy days in my life were when i got my first Super Nintendo, and when the local supermarket got the first shipment of M&Ms. Q: Were you into sports as a kid? What types? A: I was never into other sports, even though Cabarete is a good place to surf and windsurf as-well. I guess I was never interested just because I was surrounded by it all the time. My best friend and I often spent our free time Horseback-riding, swimming and playing video games. Q: What led you into kiteboarding? A: I first started to kite when a friend of mine, Gael, opened a school on Kitebeach and gave me some lessons. That was in spring 2002, but since I was still in school I didn’t get to go more than once or twice a week. I wasn’t really into it back then, but when the PKRA event came to town in June I saw what it was really all about. It was also the first time I had seen girls riding and competing, and that was when I decided I really wanted to learn to kite. Of course back then I didn’t think about competition or anything like that, I just wanted to be able to ride and have fun. Q: When you started to get the hang of kiteboarding did you have a bigger plan or were you just having fun with something new? A: At the beginning I was just having fun. Q: What is your approach to competition? A: I think competition is not for everyone and it’s definitely something that has to be mastered. Being a good kiter doesn’t necessarily make you a good competitor. Competitions can be very fun with the right approach, or a horrible nightmare if you pressure yourself and take them too seriously. Q: With all of the pressures of travel and competition how do you stay grounded? A: Being home every once in a while is very important, my friends and family help me clear my thoughts of stress and it’s always good motivation. Its good to be reminded there are other aspects in life aside from kiteboarding. Q: How do you balance the serious aspect of making this your job with the idea of keeping kiteboarding fun? A: Just a good session anywhere is all I need to remind me that this is what I love to do. Sometimes when I get caught up in comps where it’s cold and gusty I try to remember that it’s all part of it and that soon I can go back to a nice warm windy place :) Q: If you could decide what moves/tricks score high in competition what would be the top 5 moves on your scorecard? A: I guess it would still be powered handle-passes such as mobes, flat 3s and such, since they are the most technical moves out there. To me though, I would rate more on style than on difficulty, so if someone was to do a very stylish s-ben, it would score higher than an crappy looking slim-chance. Q: What do you think of sliders and kickers? Should they be a part of competition? A: I think they are great fun and should definitely be a bigger part of comps than they are now. On the PKRA there is always at least one stop where we have a slider contest as a second discipline, and I think there should be more! Q: Have we seen the best of wave riding yet or is the best yet to come? A: In Space monkeys 2 there is pretty awesome wave riding, but I think that with the evolution of the kites, there are lots of things we will be seeing in the future that aren’t even possible now. Q: What’s your equipment preference? A: I like riding the 6,5 Nitro and a 1,23 custom board. I prefer high aspect over medium aspect kites because of their power. Q: Besides kiteboarding, what else do you do for fun? A: I go surfing every once in a while, but most of the time I nerd around on my computer or read. Q: Where’s home these days? A: Home is and always will be my parents’ house in Cabarete. Q: Which of the following best describes your situation with the opposite sex? 1. Kite loop… Fully committed. 2. Switch 540 handle pass. 3. Unhooked. A: 2

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