From the company that brought you the revolutionary Crossbow and Switchblade kites, we introduce to you the all new Contra kite from Cabrinha. The Contra is designed from the ground up as a specialized light wind performance kite.| From the company that brought you the revolutionary Crossbow and Switchblade kites, we introduce to you the all new Contra kite from Cabrinha. The Contra is designed from the ground up as a specialized light wind performance kite. The Contra bow kite from Cabrinha has by-passed several generations of traditional design to emerge as the leading light wind specialized kite. What makes the Contra so incredible is its unmatched efficiency and performance in the light wind arena. Through the use of Pro Span Extreme™, faster flying profiles, and the latest in cutting edge bow technology we are able to make your largest kite feel and behave like a smaller performance kite. We have substantially reduced the Contra’s bar pressure through the use of our unique bridle configuration. Light wind riding is no longer a second rate alternative. With the Contra’s incredible range of depower you can ride with confidence knowing that the power control is now where is should be…. right in your hands. The Sprint™ inflation system is a simple to use feature to quickly inflate your kite to an even pressure. The Sprint™ system uses a single inflation point to connect your high volume, two way Cabrinha pump. As you pump your kite with air, all struts and your leading edge inflate quickly and simultaneously to the desired pressure. The supplied leash pump and threaded valve connection keeps your kite under control even when pumping up directly in the wind. Once the kite is pumped you can choose to clip off, or isolate the air contained in the struts. This way if you damage a strut while in use, the rest of the kite will continue to maintain its pressure. At the end of the session you can choose to deflate your kite completely by disengaging the strut air clips. Or you can keep your struts inflated and put your kite away rolled up so that the next session will takes just minutes to set up. Key Features Single Point Rapid Inflation Strut Air Clips Security Depower System Cabrinha introduced the concept of Depower On Demand with the release of the innovative Override™ system. Now, with the introduction of Override™ 2, Cabrinha has once again redefined it. One of the most valuable features of a Cabrinha bow kite is it’s ability to immediately depower the kite on demand by simply pushing the control system into Override mode. With Override™ 2 you can avoid many accidents before they happen by maintaining control over the power of your kite at all times. Unlike many other kites, the Cabrinha bow kites can be depowered without ever taking your hands off of the control bar. Another useful feature of Override is that you can temporarily let go of the control bar to un-spin your lines. When the Override stopper unit is seated on its sleeve it will temporarily stop the bar from entering the Override mode while you spin you bar to untwist your lines. Override™ 2 Tension Ring The stopper unit is set set to release at a load of approximately 10kg. A tension ring is supplied if you would like to increase the release load. With each click of the ring the tension is increased around the stopper and the release load becomes higher. It should be noted that increased loads will require more force to unseat the stopper and put the control bar into Override mode. The Override unit is set at the factory in the position where the kite starts to lose its power. The area between the unit and the Centerline Adjustment Strap is called the Override mode. To depower the kite, push the control system into the Override mode. If the stopper unit is seated onto its sleeve you will need to unseat it with a firm push. When the control bar is pushed into the Override mode, the kite will lose its power and immediately begin to drop from the sky. The recovery couldn’t be any simpler. Just grab ahold of the control bar, straighten the lines and its ready to relaunch again. If you want to re-set the Override stopper unit just pull it back onto the sleeve until it clicks into place. When launching the kite from land it is recommended to leave the Override stopper unit off of it’s sleeve so that the kite can be depowered immediately by placing the bar into the Override mode. Override 2 can also be used when performing unhooked tricks. First, be sure to unseat the Override stopper unit from its sleeve. Then connect your leash to the ring on the harness loop. When the rider drops the bar during a missed trick attempt, the kite will depower and fall from the sky. To recover the kite just grab ahold of the control bar, un-spin any twists in the line and relaunch the kite. The Contra specialized light wind kite comes with an enhanced control system that allows you take full advantage of all the Contra has to offer. We’ve made many tweaks and modifications based on our invaluable customer feedback to deliver the most cutting edge control system to date. Override™ 2 The new Override™ stopper has been re-designed for more positive engagement and disengagement. The new internal catch mechanism is now mechanic instead of friction. It makes re-setting Override onto its sleeve a snap. Literally! The external shape of Override™ 2 accomplishes two things. First, the new ergonomics allow for a much better grip on the fitting when re-setting it onto its sleeve. Secondly the design integrates the CAS Power Adjusters for a much cleaner and more streamline operation of the kite’s trim. We’ve added elastic to the Power Adjusters so that they maintain positive tension no matter where they are positioned. Power Adjuster The CAS line extenders keep the adjustment of the centerline adjustment strap within easy reach at all time. The added bungee in the line helps to keeps the extenders free from tangling with your leaders by keeping them parallel with the centerline. 2 to 1 Pulley System The Powerlock 3 Control System features pulleys on each end of the bar which reduce the length the rider must push the control bar to achieve the desired amount of trim or depower. Softened EVA grip We have reduced the diameter of the control bar and have softened the EVA grip for a more hand friendly feel. Powerlock Ready The Contra Control System is ready for the optional Powerlock accessory. The implementation of Pro Span™ Extreme in bow kites has provided us with huge gains in the power equation. The flatter arc of the kite now means that the majority of the kite’s surface area is working for you in a lifting capacity. Unlike a classic arc which only uses approximately 50 percent of it’s arc for lifting, the bow kite’s main lifting area is expanded to an incredible 80 percent of the kite’s surface area. This means that the smaller, lighter, Cabrinha bow kites deliver the same power as a larger classic arc kite.

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