Over forty amateur riders, the best in the world, multiple world record holders and kiteboarding pioneers got down to Jammin on the British Virgin Islands at the Billabong BVI Kite Jam 2011.Returning from last year’s inaugural event are nine time world champion Kristin Boese (who was nominated for the Rolex ISAF World Sailor of the Year award in 2010), Davey Blair, Jeremy Lund, the Caribbean’s very own Andre Philip of Antigua, Juan Carlos Morales of Puerto Rico, Susi Mai of the Dominican Republic and the Virgin Islands’ and Billabong’s own Madison and Charlotte van Hueurck. 2011 Kite Jam rookies include Dutch Champion Youri Zoon, Kris Kinn, Sander Lenten and another five of the top riders in the world And the CEO of Daniel Therrien.

The action was hot from the get go. Day One began with the Kite Jam Beach Party at Nanny Cay. We had wind and waves as all the participants arrived throughout the day. Hailing from Germany, nine time World Champion Kristin Boese and Dutch Champion Youri Zoon were two of the first in the water.Day Two kicked off once the Flotilla arrived at the North Sound. Before the Sunsail 384 Catamarans were even anchored, the pros and amateurs were ready to get out on the water.With over 40 kites in the air and the wind ripping, everyone was enjoying the free kite before the competitions began! Lunch at the enchanting Saba Rock was delicious and the kiting continued until the early evening. Then on to dinner and dancing at Saba with thirst quenching beverages from Finlandia – the foundation was laid for a great week!

Day 3 saw more ideal conditions as we head to Necker Island for the “Round Necker” Challenge. Everyone was geared up early and the heats were selected at random – the pros making their way around the island twice, the amateurs once.

It was a fierce but friendly competition as the spectators enjoyed the show beachside.

Day 4 The Downwinder started at Windless Bight with 150 flamingos flying through the fleet at launch! There were 49 kites launched with perfect conditions and every rider made it to the finish at Cow Wreck Beach.

The kiting continued at Cow Wreck with waves for the surfers and flat water for the free stylers. The day was described by many as “the sickest day ever!”

Written by Editor of Waterhound

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