AutoFocus movie trailer is officially releasing
Hope you guys enjoy the small sample of footage and a glimpse of what is coming down the pipes! |

July 3rd, 2005

Well……Where have we been you ask? EDITING THE TRAILER! (for your viewing pleasure of course.) It is now a day before the 4th of July and the AutoFocus movie trailer is officially releasing tomorrow. Hope you guys enjoy the small sample of footage and a glimpse of what is coming down the pipes! Holla back if you liked the trailer, or even if you didn’t. Whatever, back to work.

June 18th, 2005
AutoFocus is officially on the cutting room floor and is currently getting edited by Elliot at the ACL production headquarters on Maui. The crew still remains in DR for now but will continue to film as Dre will hook up with Slezy in a few days and film at an undisclosed location to be revealed shortly. Look for the AutoFocus trailer to be released soon as we have now shot well over 80 hours of footage which will ultimately get whittled down to only the best shots making the final cut. Stay tuned for more action.


The Update
June 12th, 2005

Here are some more photos from this past weekend, both riding and some late night partying shots from a Casino run made by the Extreme Hotels Van on Friday & Saturday. We had no wind yesterday (Sat.) and a small riding session today (Sun.) before a big rain squall came in and killed the wind.


Frame Grabs
June 10th, 2005

It has been a few days since the last post, and the wind has been pretty consistent. Stav is now riding/filming with Moe and Dre and has been killing it considering he is fresh out of USC on summer break. We have included some frame grabs from our past few sessions hitting the kickers. Hope you enjoy the sickness.


June 5th, 2005

Yesterday Extreme Hotel sponsored a kite/skateboarding contest in the back of the Hotel. Dre, Moe and Elliot ended up being elected to judge the locals only style kite contest. It was pretty cool, mellow and and allowed all the local DR groms to throw down thier tricks in front of an audience. The skateboarding contest ended up to be the main attraction as they had a live band playing at the end of the halfpipe while all the pros were skating. Check out the posted pics for more details of the event. We have been continuing filming at our spot and are starting to accumulate a lot of solid kicker footage. Stav Niarchos is back now and has finally showed up to the DR and will be filming with the crew. Also, it was noted that sometimes our posted photos end up getting cropped when displayed…not sure why yet…but once you open the shot, if you click on the shot and drag it to the right…..the whole shot will show up. Working on a fix.


Too much wind
June 3rd, 2005

The last two days have almost been too windy for shooting most of the guys were riding 8m kites pretty lit up. Nothing really went down except for some surfboard sessions in the wind swell. In case you are wondering if the DR ever gets surf….we have included for your viewing pleasure some shots of Victor Rosario ripping some of the local breaks. When the wind dies and it glasses off these spots can fire. The shots from were from this past weekend when the wind died. Stay tuned for more action shortly.


If you buy the DVD…all your wildest dreams will come true.

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Ok here you go…the delayed update to the site which you have been waiting for….better late than never. We have been delayed for a good reason though……it has been windy and we have all been riding…and filming. With that being said here are some frame grabs from some sessions we have been getting. Dre has been the only one filming right now as Moe bruised his heel and should be back in action in the next couple of days. Almost everyday has been 10-12m weather and small windswell. You can check the action here in the DR at…they have like 10 live webcams to check out. You might catch the crew playing pool, reading a historic civil war novel, writing poetry by the sea, or…maybe enjoying a cold beverage at the bar………booyaakasha……frame grabs included.


The wind is back…for now

After a sketchy storm last night in Cabarete, the wind returned in full force and by the middle of the day it was solid 10meter weather. We ended up riding down the beach a ways to try and shoot and by the time we got down there a huge rain cloud came over and killed the light for shooting and the wind dropped to 12-14m weather. Dre and Moe just ended up riding anyways and are getting back into riding normal kickers after almost 3 months of hitting sliders and rails. Forecast is looking solid for wind for the next week. Hopefully will have some frame grabs up in the next few days.


No Wind but glassy surf
May 25th, 2005

Today there was still no wind , but the surf came up a little (shoulder high) and glassed off rather nice for everyone to get in the morning and afternoon surf session at a local surf spot called Encuentro. The surf is expected to bump up tomorrow but wind is not in the forecast until around the weekend. Stay tuned.


Small Session
May 23rd, 2005

We ended up having a small session on 12m kites yesterday, however, the wind was completely backwards for Cabarete, so not much went down. The wind has backed off for today so no riding went down. Hopefully a little north swell will start showing up this week, but we will have to see what happens. Some skating on the ramps was about the only activity that went down. Das it fo now.


We are now in the Dominican Republic, after a succesful month of filming in Coche. We are staying at the Extreme Hotel in Cabarete where Bill and Josh have been taking care of the crew. They have a pretty nice set up here with a full skatepark right next to the bar and you are literally steps away from launching your kite out the back of the hotel. Today we actually have solid wind and a small wind swell but the direction is opposite from the normal wind direction here in the DR. The boyz had a full night of partying last night so the riding may not happen until later or at all considering how many shots of vodka they had last night. Photos to follow.

No Wind
May 19th, 2005

We have had no wind the past few days so nothing has really gone down. We are out of here in a couple of day and are continuing to film at another undisclosed location. Stay tuned for the next spot.

The Coche Park
May 16th, 2005

So you guys can see what we iz hittin, here are some shots of the sliders/kickers/rails. The Relentless style slider is about 55ft. long and three pipes wide and is set up for regular footers. The Kicker is about 5feet wide by 7feet high and like 11 pipes wide and set up for goofy footers. The Flat bar is about 45feet long by two pipes wide and has a little steep up ramp in case you dont want to ollie on to it, it is also set up for goofy footers. The A frame is about 60feet long, three pipes wide, and is also set up for goofy footers. This is the Coche park at the moment, more rails are in store for the future including a super long low flat bar for wakeskating etc. By the way, most of the action shots we are posting are “C” shots, all the “A” shots you gonna have to wait for the article to come out, or ya gonna have to buy tha DVD.

Today is Saturday
May 14th, 2005

Today is Saturday here in Coche, that means Bar-B-Q night at the hotel restaurant. No one rode today cuz we all went to Porlamar last night and took the boat back to Coche this afternoon so everyone was kinda out of it. What can we say that hasnt been said already, this place is windy like everyday. We tried to do a late evening session last night before we left on the boat and it got way too windy for anyone to hit the sliders, so Dre just ended up doing speed runs and gettin back to his roots of doing big hooked in jumps with the kite straight overhead, we all sat on the beach and watched and yelled BooYaa with each and every glorious jump he did, it reminded me of a dolphin jumping through a rainbow, so peaceful yet colorful. We are headed to another undisclosed spot for more filming in a few days, so stay tuned. Photos should be on the next post.
We are back…..for now
May 7th, 2005

Wow. That was a long stretch of no updates. Well we finally managed to get on the damn boat and update the site. So here it is. We have now been here two weeks and pretty much had wind all but like 4 or 5 days. Eduardo with and Victor with Coche Paradise Hotel have fully been taking care of the whole crew. Coche is for sure one of the nicest spots for training for kickers and sliders. It is pretty much as perfect as you can get. Slezak and Morris have already ridden and left. The crew that remains is Moe, Dre, Bert, Tuva, Elliot, Tracy. We have been getting some of our best footage and photos from the last few days here. We put in a relentless style slider for the regular footage which we shot one day so far with some solid hits from Slezak and Dre. Mostly we have been sessioning the Kicker and A frame in the evenings. Here is just a small sample of some shots we got. Hopefully more updates soon.

New Location & Morris’s B-Day
April 24th, 2005

We finally made it to our new destination. We are now in Venezuela, on a little island called Coche. We are staying at the Coche Paradise Hotel who have put up the whole crew and are now a co sponsor of our project. Props to Victor for hooking us up. This is for sure the hotel to stay at on Coche as we are front row right on the water. The set up on the water is pretty sick. It is pretty much flat as glass as the winds are offshore and so far they have a bigger kicker than we had in Anitgua, about a 50ft A frame, like a 40ft flat bar, and we are modifying and extending a version of the LF Relentless slider which we hope to drop in the water tomorrow. There is no wind today, but the wind is expected to fill in by tomorrow. By the way, the internet updates are not going to be as frequent as in Antigua as to get to an internet cafe is like a 15 minute boat ride. Today is also Morris’s birthday, so we are going to celebrate tonight. Should have some pics up in a few days from the party/riding hopefully soon, stay tuned cuz tha sh** is gonna go down.
On to the next location
April 21st, 2005

After three days of powering , we have finally stored away all the sliders and kickers and are now packing to leave for our next destination tomorrow. We leave at like 5am tomorrow morning so it is not likely that we will sleep tonight. Our next destination looks promising and we should be regrouping most of the whole crew once again to continue filming. We will be flying most of the day tomorrow so we will give you the update and some new photos on the new spot once we get an internet connection. Till then, stay tuned.
The Doctor & The Dump
April 18th, 2005

Today was a little breezy in the morning, so Moe took a morning go on his wakeskate and a 16. He pretty much just cruised as it was not really worthy of shooting. Later in the afternoon, Dre decided he should get his shoulder checked out just to make sure nothing was seriously broken. So we loaded up the truck with all the scrap wood from the build and headed to town to go to the doctor then the local dump to get rid of all our extra wood and trash. Well after waiting over an hour in the waiting room of the Doctor, Dre checked out OK, no broken bones, only some strained ligaments. Doc said he should be OK in about a week. Next we went to the Dump and dropped off our trash…….what can I say except it really stinks there. We are getting closer to our departure date as we are regrouping in another spot shortly to continue filming….stay tuned for the scoop.
Winding down
April 17th, 2005

Today was a mellow day for everyone. Elliot, Moe and Tracy all rode today. Moe and Elliot had a pretty long wakeskate session, but the winds were a little on the lighter side, so no shooting went down. We also are starting to pull in some of the obstacles to store away for next year as we are headed to another destination in a few days. Today we retired our trusty kicker, and put it away in storage. Later in the afternoon, we all went and checked out English Harbour where they are hosting Antigua Sailing week. Today the Classic sailing yachts were racing, when we went to the marina they were just coming in from the race. These are massive multimillion dollar classic sailboats. Pretty cool, except they looked like a royal pain in the ass to take out and sail cuz they required like a crew of 20 to make them go, then you got to like polish the cleats, swab the decks, organize all the stupid ropes and clean off everything everytime you go out. Kiteboarding is way easier and cheaper, but I wish I had enough money to own one of those boats.

Back home
April 16th, 2005

This morning Elliot took Bertrand to the airport, we are meeting up with him in a few days in another location to continue filming AutoFocus. Today we had steady 14meter winds in the bay where Elliot, Tracy, and Moe pretty much rode all day. The wind was not the normal direction so none of the sliders where at the ideal angle for shooting. Elliot did manage to hit the A frame, and got himself hooked onto the transition with his handlpass leash. He ended up literallly hanging out on the A frame, waiting for someone to pluck him off. It made for some pretty funny footage. Dre is still layin low.

Another day on the island
April 15th, 2005

After Dre’s wipeout yesterday, we decided to move the slider to a less dangerous location and turn it into a little lower wakeskate slider. We ended up pretty much just cruising all day, with Bert hitting the slider a little bit, and Elliot wakeskating early in the day. Most everyone rode except Dre, but no one was in the mood to really push it after yesterday. The winds were about the same as yesterday with some insane flatwater riding, which we have not done much of the last month. We ended the day heading back to Antigua where we arrived back home about 7:30 at night. Thanks to Alex, Emma and Paul for the unreal boat trip!
Over and out,?ACL

Boat Trip
April 14th, 2005

Today we are on a 68ft Sunseeker power yacht called the “Ohana.” Alex and Emma Portman have graciously invited us onboard to spend a few days on a neighboring island. We are headed to a top secret riding spot equipped with a 40ft single pipe slider to session. Moe, Dre and Bert spent all last night building the mobile slider to take out to the island. We made it out to the island and proceeded to unload our slider and set it all up. The winds were solid 14meter weather, sunny skies, super flat water and no one around. Perfect for sessioning the 40ft pipes. All was in place and the session got off to a quick start, with Dre testing the hit to make sure it was all good. He put in a few solid slides, and right when he was getting into his session, he took one of his worst wipeouts of his career. He came up a little short on his ollie and pretty much went head first at full speed into the first two pipes where he slammed his shoulder into one and did a flip onto his neck and came to an abrupt halt. Luckily he was kinda alright considering how hard he hit, although we have changed his status to the injured reserve list. He is chillin at the moment nursing his shoulder. You can see from the one shot, what I am talkin about…………but fortunately the AutoFocus DVD will have the video footage to check out for sure one of the harshest wipeouts yet! We ended the evening with a relaxing bonfire on the beach where Alex cooked us some insane ribs and chicken.
Safety First,?ACL

One of those days
April 13th, 2005

Today was an interesting day. There was plenty of wind all day today. We shot some good stuff in the morning with Bert, Dre, and Moe hitting the C rail for about an hour or so. Dre sessioned the up rail to the ghetto gap afterwards for about an hour as well. We took a break mid day to plan our top secret boat trip we are going on tomorrow. In the afternoon, Dre & Bert left for the hardware store to buy some more pipes for another slider we are planning to build once we get to our new riding destination tomorrow. By the evening, the wind had filled in a little more and everyone was anxious to get in the water for the last session of the day. Within an hour Bertrand broke both ends of his board when he came off the kicker and his board got stuck under a couple of the pipes. He also blew out his bindings. Dre went out and proceeded to stomp a couple of huge 3’s warming it up for the 7, but buckled his board before he had a chance. The kicker now has only three pipes left on the top, the rest are all peeled off. Like Kenny Rogers used to sing……you got to know when to hold’em……..know when to fold’em……..we should have folded our hand today.
P.S. We will be gone for a day to check out another spot on our boat trip, look for photos from the trip when we get back. Wind forecast is looking solid for the next couple of days.

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