A typical travel story in the kiteboarding industry usually consists of a group of riders descending on a particular destination.| A Riders Perspective A typical travel story in the kiteboarding industry usually consists of a group of riders descending on a particular destination, hopefully riding, checking out some of the scenery, and perhaps partaking in the drinking of festive beverages. More often than not, most of these travel stories have a time & budget constraint, and thus, a riders time is usually spent rushing around to various locations trying to get both lifestyle and action photos and/or video to make the article or video shoot happen. A lot of times riders are corralled into riding certain locations with less than desirable conditions just to appease the photographers and the guys footing the bill for the trip. While this is by no means an unpleasant experience, often times the rider is forced into a frame of mind of trying to “get the shot” rather than progressing his or her skill level as a rider. By the end of the trip the rider has gotten to experience a new location and the photographer has gotten some new photos, but has the sport of kiteboarding truly progressed? Has that particular riders skill level really increased because of this article or travel trip? Nine times out of 10 the answer is no. The Idea The story-board idea behind “AutoFocus” is to bring together a group of the most talented, style driven and highly respected professional kiteboarders for one month. Drop them into one of the worlds most exclusive riding spots Mamora Bay, Antigua, build the largest and most elaborate conglomeration of sliders, kickers and rails, let them ride their ass off and push themselves to new levels, with the rider leaving the destination satisfied with their performance and truly representing who they are as a rider. The ultimate goal……to focus on progressing the sport of kiteboarding into a legitimizing new level. Every aspect of this idea will be captured by ACL motion picture cameramen, as well as a professional still photographer. The medias’ sole purpose is to document what happens when you combine wind, raw talent, enough time, and the ultimate private riding destination with no distractions. Will the sport progress? We are betting it will with the group of focused riders and friends we have assembled and we will have the footage and photos to back it up.

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