Whaley and Pulido Win the single elimination at the PKRA Hainan


After two days of waiting for the wind, the trade winds filled back in with a solid 20 knot breeze and the single elimination was completed. Liam Whaley won his first single elimination on his last move and Gisela Pulido is one win away from becoming the 2013 world champion and winner of the Hainan event in China. After a slow start to the day the wind filled in and the full single elimination was completed. The onshore winds were challenging but the top contenders advanced and the show was spectacular.

Whaley and Pulido Win the single elimination at the PKRA Hainan

Whaley and Pulido Win the single elimination at the PKRA Hainan

The final was between Christophe Tack and Liam Whaley, Christophe is coming off his win in Pingtan and was looking great throughout the whole final, but Liam Whaley landed a back mobe 5 in the dying seconds of the heat to secure the win. Both riders landed some great moves like perfect front blind mobes and s-mobes. On the womens side it was Gisela Pulido who dominated the final against Karolina Winkowska. Gisela landed a near perfect front blind and back mobe. Winkowska had many great moves but could not match Gisela’s amplitude.

With so many top riders present in Hainan it is hard to pick the best heat of the day but the Tack vs Hadlow was another classic heat. Tack was still on fire from Pingtan and seemed to be freeriding during his heat landing trick after trick. The two semifinals with Pastor and Jacobs were both very entertaining; with Marc Jacobs landing some huge mobes and Pastor sticking some great double handle passes.

Competition will resume tomorrow with the double elimination. If Gisela Pulido wins one of her finals against the challenger she will be the 2013 world Champion. Liam can win his first PKRA event with another win or maybe a challenger like Tack can come in and win bact to back events. If you want to see today’s results go to http://live.prokitetour.com/ to see detailed scores and results from today’s action.

kiteboard tour Asia KTA 2013/14 Season Update

Well its almost Asia kite competition season time and a chance for you all to get back on the circuit and show everyone how all that hard training has gone for this summer .

kiteboard tour Asia KTA 2013/14 Season Update

kiteboard tour Asia KTA 2013/14 Season Update

It’s been a bit of tricky season to pull together this year so far, not so easy to get sponsors as we hoped it might be in season 5. We have been working hard though since the end of last season and are getting there, not quite as soon as we would have ideally liked for all of you, but will create something for you come what may.

So potentially we have 5 stops on the tour, the first 3 are already confirmed and hopefully the final two will be also soon.

We are kicking things off though with a new location for the KTA in Thailand, so for round 1 we are heading over Friendship Beach in Phuket, home our event hosts Kite Zone the base of our very own mark laying guru Dave Barnes, you will be in good hands for this one. Also we would like to introduce and thank our new Presenting Sponsor Tamarin Villas who stepped up to help make everything possible.

Round 1 will be an all racing affair which is better suited to the location and conditions at Friendship, which we are billing as the KTA Christmas Race Special so expect some nice partying with Santa hats also J Adding to the Christmas Race Special package we are also pleased to be able to offer you the chance to training and improve your skills and race knowledge with one of the top racers in the world. So get yourselves over to Phuket early and join the Nils Stolzlecher Race Clinic which is for both raceboard and TT riders alike.

It’s all in keeping really with our racing start to the season with the IKA Course Race World Championships in China so we you will enjoy and don’t worry freestyle types plenty of that is a coming your way too. To get at all the information about round 1 of the tour please go to the KTA Thailand event page
Also please take a look and a read of the pre-season news item which is the latest one up on the home page as there are going to be some changes to how the tour is ranked and run this season.


Cheers everyone and see you at an event soon

Neil and the KTA Team

Kiteboarders to Attempt Trans-Atlantic Crossing to Turks and Caicos caribbean

Christopher Columbus was alleged to have made first landfall in the Western world in 1492 on the shores of the Turks and Caicos Islands. While this fact has not been proven, the six riders of the Atlantic Kite Challenge will leave no doubt once they arrive at Blue Haven Resort and Marina in the Turks and Caicos Islands over 500 years later.

Kiteboarders to Attempt Trans-Atlantic Crossing to Turks and Caicos caribbean

Kiteboarders to Attempt Trans-Atlantic Crossing to Turks and Caicos caribbean

Kiteboarders to Attempt Trans-Atlantic Crossing to Turks and CaicosIn late 2013, between November 20 and November 25, the six kiteboarders will soar from the port of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands embarking on the first-ever, non-stop crossing of the Atlantic Ocean bound for their official arrival destination, Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean.

Following a South Atlantic route, their arrival – two to three weeks later – (estimated between December 7 and December 15) coincides with the grand opening of the Blue Haven Resort and Marina. The new property is the ‘official arrival destination’ hotel for the Atlantic Kite Challenge. The kitesurfers will be welcomed and feted with a three day celebration that will include beach volleyball competitions, cultural exhibitions and fairs, the music of local bands, delicious cuisine and the enthusiasm of regional kiteboarding groups, resort guests and locals.

“Our Beautiful by Nature islands have long been an incredible destination for kitesurfing and other adventure sports” said Turks and Caicos’ Premier Dr. Rufus Ewing. “We have such incredibly clear waters around us, and our Tourism industry has grown to accommodate discerning travelers of all walks of life with leading hotels in the Caribbean. We are thrilled to be the final destination of the Atlantic Kite Challenge. We look forward to greeting the team soon and celebrating this milestone for the kitesurfing sport.”

Kiteboarders to Attempt Trans-Atlantic Crossing to Turks and Caicos“What a stunning example of adventure, we will have right on our doorstep” said Roland Rutjens, Corporate General Manager of Blue Haven Resort and Marina. “We share the same belief in passion that this team has: passion for the islands and their people, outstanding hospitality and for our guests. We wish all of the kitesurfers the very best on this epic journey and look forward to welcoming them at Blue Haven. Together with the Turks and Caicos community we will embrace them with a special celebration and provide them with much needed relaxation after their arrival.”

During the crossing – which will feature daily social media posts with photos of all six participants – the kitesurfers will take over from one another every two hours during the 6000-km long journey, surfing both day and night. In this longest ever ‘downwinder’ they will be supported by a 50-foot catamaran, Lagoon 500 Double A, and its professional crew. A TV crew will also be on board documenting the crossing.

The Atlantic Kite Challenge is the brainchild of Netherlands-based Filippo van Hellenberg Hubar, founder of the Enable Passion Foundation. Filippo will be one of the six kiteboarders partaking in the Challenge along with Max Blom, also from the Netherlands. Camilla Ringvold of Norway, Bruno Sroka of France and Francisco Lufinha of Portugal. Eric Pequeno from the United States was chosen as the sixth kiteboarder through a social media competition on Facebook.

“The idea for the Atlantic Kite Challenge combined my passion for kitesurfing and business ventures” explains Hubar. “I wanted to find out whether something that initially looked so impossible could be achieved with the right motivation and dedication. The idea took form slowly and resulted in a team of committed people. All those involved are contributing in their own way to realize this joint goal.”

“We are so pleased to have found the perfect arrival destination for our venture. Turks and Caicos is a very well known kiting destination with stunning clear water. You can imagine that after such a long journey through the entire Atlantic Ocean, the warm waters around Blue Haven as well as its outstanding facilities will more than make up for the hardships of the actual crossing” Hubar said.

In addition to Blue Haven Resort and Marina, other sponsors include Mystic, Urge, Slingshot and GoPro who will provide equipment to the team.

The Enable Passion foundation is a non-profit foundation that strives to inspire people in realizing their passions, by organizing and carrying out extraordinary and pioneering projects.

About the Turks and Caicos Islands

The Turks and Caicos Islands consist of 40 islands and cays located 550 miles southeast of Miami, Florida and just below the Bahamas chain. The destination is fast becoming one of the most sought after vacation destinations in the Caribbean due to its award-winning beaches and exceptional outdoor adventures. The World’s third largest barrier reef parallels Turks and Caicos providing superior scuba diving, deep sea fishing and fly-fishing. Turks and Caicos is easily accessible via British Airways, which offers a non-stop, eight-hour flight from London to Providenciales International Airport. Numerous non-stop flights depart daily from New York City, which is just a three-hour flight to Providenciales. www.turksandcaicostoursim.com

Kiteboarders to Attempt Trans-Atlantic Crossing to Turks and CaicosAbout Blue Haven Resort and Marina:

Tucked away on the Leeward side of Providenciales, Blue Haven Resort and Marina (http://www.bluehaventci.com/), the “Gateway to the True Turks and Caicos Islands,” provides a secluded and tranquil vacation destination away from the bustling resorts that line Grace Bay Beach. The Resort features 35 luxury suites and 16 premier guestrooms and three culinary venues that offer world-class, yet laid back dining experiences.

Blue Haven’s premier location just minutes from the world’s third largest barrier reef makes it the ideal choice for outdoor adventure enthusiasts whose primary vacation goal is to partake in exciting adventures. Guests have access to PADI scuba diving, deep sea and fly-fishing excursions, Kiteboarding, kayaking, paddle boarding and exploration excursions to remote destinations throughout the Turks and Caicos archipelago.

The state-of-the-art Marina at Blue Haven houses 78 slips which can accommodate boats and yachts with drafts up to 8.5 feet (at mean low tide) and as long as 220 feet. Full concierge services are available to all yachts in port.

Blue Haven Resort and Marina also delights guests with premier amenities and services including a spa, conference center, a 24-hour fitness center, volleyball and horse shoe courts, oceanfront infinity pool with swim up bar and a stretch of fully-serviced white sand beach dotted with cozy chaise lounges and hammocks.

Read more about Kiteboarders to Attempt Trans-Atlantic Crossing to Turks and Caicos – BWWTravelWorld by www.broadwayworld.com

Tack and Winkowska win the single in Pingtan, China pkra

Christophe tack and Karolina Winkowska won the Pingtan kiteboarding World Cup 2013 single elimination in a spectacular manner.  Christophe tack picked up where he left off yesterday landing a massive front side seven and KGB five to score the highest heat total of the event (38.3) and defeated Alex pastor. Karolina Winkowska also defeated the current point’s leader Gisela Pulido in a very close heat with both riders landing perfect tricks.  The conditions were bit lighter than yesterday but were still close to perfect. During the afternoon the big air competition was run and Sebastien Garat got first place.  The perfect conditions of Pingtan China have provided the best possible conditions for hosting a kitesurfing World Cup and the top riders in the world.

Tack and Winkowska win the single in Pingtan, China pkra

Tack and Winkowska win the single in Pingtan, China pkra




The first heat of the day was between Alex Pastor and Liam Whaley, both riders train and ride in Tarifa and know each other very well.  Whaley has been improving throughout the year and keeps getting better, he started his heat with a perfect front blind mobe and back mobe 5 and looked to be command until Alex pastor landed a grabbed KGB five and took the lead and the final spot in the final.  They both finish with equal scores and the tie was broken with the highest tricks score of the heat being the KGB 5 of Alex pastor.  After that heat the two finals were set along with the battles for third.  With Jana Schader being sick Paula Novotna got a bye and a third place finish.  Next it was up to Liam Whaley and Marc Jacobs to take to the water for the final podium spot.  This time Liam made no mistakes and defeated Jacobs to stand on the podium.

The final between Gisela Pulido and Karolina Winkowska’s was absolutely outstanding with both riders going trick for trick throughout the heat and being very close util the end.  Both riders landed great back mobes, s-1 and S-mobes. Karolina landed a nice 315 to move her into the lead in the dying minutes of the heat.  The two girls had a great heat and intense battle, but when it was all said and done, it was Karolina Winkowska who won the single and is now looking to regain the tour lead from Gisela Pulido.

After yesterday’s outstanding performance it seem hard to believe the Christophe tack could out do himself again, but he left everyone speechless by doing just that in the final.  He landed two flat 7’s with a lot of height, a KGB five, a blind judge fives, a crow mobe, a front blind mobe and back mobe.  All of the scores were above seven and into the 8 range with the heat total of 38.3.  Alex pastor was riding well but was unable to stop Christophe.  Alex pastor is closer to winning the overall title but will have to wait until the double elimination.

In the afternoon the race director decided to start the big air competition, with riders going for height and technical tricks. Sebastien Garat won the big air contest followed by Reno Romeu, Mario Rodwald and Oswald Smith.  It’s was a great show for the spectators to see some big jumps of the waves.


The wind is forecasted to build tomorrow and the double elimination will start and we would decide the winner of the Pingtan kiteboard World Cup 2013.  Christophe tack and Karolina Winkowska are definitely to riders to beat and the conditions seem to be playing into their favor.  Check out www.prokitetour.com for the latest news and photos.

China Pingtan kiteboard World Cup Pkra

The first day of competition at the Pingtan Kiteboarding World Cup 2013 started early this morning with a beautiful opening ceremony with fireworks and many officials coming out to greet the riders and organizers.  The conditions were perfect, with a steady 20 knot breeze and the waves providing great kickers for the competitors. The competition quickly got under way with Winkoska and Pulido making it into the final for the women.  Tack was the first male rider to qualify for the final defeating Hadlow and Jacobs in the quarters and semis, he will meet either Pastor or Whaley in the final, which are both kiting really well.

China Pingtan kiteboard World Cup Pkra

China Pingtan kiteboard World Cup Pkra

With almost all the top riders here, the competition was intense right from the start with Smith and Garat in the first heat.  Smith rode well but could not get enough tricks in to defeat Garat.  Hadlow was up next and was in great form utilizing the kickers and bringing flawless execution to his tricks like the front blind mobe.  Mario was riding with a lot of power but Hadlow was too technical and advanced.  Next Tack came out firing landing a nice flat 5 off the waves and toe mobes, defeating Schizthofer.  Hutter was in the next heat and start perfectly with the best grabbed 313 and S-1 grabbed that we have seen this year but could not follow it up with enough big moves to stop Jaspan.  Next Jacobs who is currently second on the world rankings came out with an amazing amount of power in his s-mobe, double hinterberger and double s-3 and defeated Corniel.  The North team riders Romeu and Spiessberger were up next and Stefan won the exchange in a close heat.  Whaley was kiting very well and advanced over Blanc.  Rondina and Borisov was a heat of contrasting styles with Rondina going for very technical tricks while Borisov was going for pure power.  Rondina won the exchange with some great toe side tricks.  The last heat of the second round was between Pastor and Garat, Pastor dominated by going big and having flawless execution trick after trick.

Every heat in the quarter finals was a close heat, the first heat of the quarters between Hadlow and Tack, this was the heat of the day.  Both riders were pushing the boundries of kitesurfing, this could have been a final at any PKRA event.  Aaron landed a perfect front blind mobe, s-mobe, blind pete and a few more excellent tricks, Tack had a front side 7 off a kicker, a blind judge 5 and nice crow mobe 5.  Tack won the heat and advanced to the semis where he met Jacobs who dominated Jaspan with his power.  Whaley advanced over Spiessberger by just going bigger on every move.  The final heat of the quarters Pastor remained unbeatable with massive double s-1, s-mobe and front blind mobe.

The women’s heats were dominated by the top riders: Pulido, Winkoska, Novotna and Schader advancing to the semifinals.  In the semifinals Gisela and Karolina showed why they are one and two in the world with both of them landing back mobes, s-mobes, 313 and more moves with power and great execution.  The final is set for tomorrow and should be very exciting.


The first men’s semifinal and last heat of the day between Tack and Jacobs was another great heat with Tack still being on fire landing another front side 7 and blind judge five.  Marc who is usually very explosive was held back by the slightly lighter winds and was not able to overpower Tack.  Tack secured his spot in the final and guaranteed himself a podium spot and big check at the Pingtan World Cup.

Competition will resume tomorrow and the men’s second semifinal will be run and the single elimination will wrap up before twelve to give room to the slalom racer or big air specialists.  The event could not have started better and Christophe Tacks unbelievable heats set the tone for this event and the rest of the week should be very exciting.  Follow us on www.prokitetour.com and facebook for the latest news and results.

Travel Grenadines Caribbean Union Island Mayreau Tobago Cays

Find out more about the Union and the Grenadines in the Caribben and book your next kiteboarding holiday by visiting kitesurfgrenadines.com

Mallory visiting me on Union Island to check out my new kitesurfing centre and hotel the JT Pro Center. Video featuring Union island and the Grenadines (Mayreau, Tobago Cays)

Red Bull King of the Air will be back in 2014 Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town (South Africa) – Off the back of a successful event in early 2013, the world’s best kiters will again descend on Cape Town’s Big Bay to compete in their big air competition and will have to prove their mettle in a spectacular new format for the contest. Spectators are bound to be treated to some with radically high jumps, various tricks and kite-loops combined with style, height, and speed in the one-day showcase of big air prowess.

 Red Bull King of the Air will be back in 2014 Cape Town South Africa

Red Bull King of the Air will be back in 2014 Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town is known for its prime kiting conditions during January and February – with the south easterly wind, dubbed ‘Cape Doctor’, almost guaranteeing big airs and even bigger moves.

Twelve of the best from 2013 will return and 12 wildcards, selected from online entries at www.redbullkingoftheair.co.za, will round up the 24 participant line up.

Defending champion, Jesse Richman (USA) is already training hard in the lead up to the event: “Big Bay in Cape Town is possibly the best kiteboarding arena I have ever seen, the place is made to send us flying. The Red Bull King of the Air is kiteboarding at its highest level of extreme! I am really pumped to come back this year and see how far we can push it past the limits.”

Judges William Bogaards (NED), Greg Thijsse (RSA), Arek Jerzelkowski (POL), Reinier Korstanje (NED), Ralf Bachschuster (GER) and Jim Gaunt (GBR) are bound to have a tough time in the judges tower adjudicating the aerial masters.

In order to ensure the best wind conditions possible for Red Bull King of the Air to take place, the event window period extends from 25 January 2014 to 9 February 2014.

Invited Riders:
Jesse Richman (USA), Nick Jacobsen (DEN), Sam Light (GBR), Gianni Aragno (ESP), Ruben Lenten (NED), Lewis Crathern (GBR), Oswald Smith (RSA), Shawn Richman (USA), Billy Parker (USA), Kevin de Smidt (NED), Kevin Langeree (NED), Andries Fourie (RSA).

For more information on the invited riders visit: http://redbullkingoftheair.co.za/public/the-lineup


KB4girls Long Island kiteboarding clinic lets guys in on the fun as well

Long Island: 4th annual Dream Extreme and KB4girls kiteboarding clinic lets guys in on the fun as well

The event marked the first time Dream Extreme welcomed boys
New York, September 27, 2013: The Dream Extreme Fundraising event and KB4girls female kite clinic on Long Island/New York took place for the 4th consecutive time from September 20 to 22, 2013.

 KB4girls Long Island kiteboarding clinic lets guys in on the fun as well

KB4girls Long Island kiteboarding clinic lets guys in on the fun as well

Once again beautiful sunshine and the perfect breeze blessed the event and supplied the perfect conditions for the beginner and advanced kiteboarders that joined the KB4girls clinic part of the event. For the first time Dream Extreme had been opened up to male participants as well, resulting in a group of 25 female and 5 male participants that combined their forces to raise funds for STEPS to end family violence through personal fundraising pages, donations and the silent auction at the dinner and dance party on Saturday evening.

It was not only thanks to the amazing participants and donors that Dream Extreme empowered females (and this time also a few men) through the sport of kiteboarding, it was also thanks to all the incredible pro-coaches as well as volunteers that had flown in from all over the world to help and make the event happen, including Oli Berlic, Billy Bosch, Juan Carlos Morales, Marissa Dobbs, Chris Doyle, Joanna Kowalska, Hope Levin, Teddy Lyons, Sam Medysky, Jon Modica, Jason Norwood, Rich Sabo, Matt Sexton, Chris Stuckey and Terri Tapper and KB4girls founder and president Kristin Boese as well as John Pereira from the NY Kite Center.

Non kiting guests also had a fantastic time enjoying beach activities at the beach bash and watching the pros ride and mentor. The dinner party on Saturday evening topped it off with good food, great people, an amazing auction and an exciting slide show of the day’s festivities. An all-round event all in the name of kiteboarding.

A huge thanks goes to organizer and Dream Extreme founder Linda Argila of Solutions New York who once again made the impossible happen and of course to every participant, coach, volunteer, donor and sponsor that helped to raise an incredible US$20,0000 for the STEPS program.

For more info on the Dream Extreme event as well as STEPS please go to http://www.challengetotriumph.com/

Naish Hwaii Torch Kite with Designer Damien Girarden

Experience the refined performance of the Torch, a state-of-the-art, fast flying C-kite that’s the #1 kite of choice for dedicated freestyle and unhooked wave riders.

2014 Naish Torch

2014 Naish Torch

See the Torch in action: http://www.kiteboard.com/naish-torch-video-2014/


Torch Q&A with Kite Designer, Damien Girarden

What inspired the development of the Torch?

Development started in June of 2004 when I just started working at Naish. At this time, 4 line kites had barely any depower and there were no bridled kites. 5 line kites also didn’t exist yet, so these kites were unsafe and really hard to relaunch (you had to swim as fast you could toward the kite in order to relaunch). It was also a time where kite loops were just beginning and most kites were way too slow to loop safely. So the idea behind the Torch was to make a 4 line kite with depower that turned fast and had the relaunch ability of a 5 line set up!

So this year’s Torch is the 9th edition. What has changed over the years?

The Torch is currently the longest running kite on the market and I believe it’s because we have been able to evolve it accordingly, making it a better kite each and every year. During the first few seasons, the primary focus was on accomplishing better depower while maintaining its superior unhooked performance. As the years went by, we became more and more precise, working on each size individually based on our team rider’s feedback. By then, the performance freestyle characteristics were unanimously recognized on the market. So we focused on making some specific sizes more stable, while increasing the turning speed, depower, or pop of others. Over time, the Torch has become increasingly easier to handle with more depower. We’ve found that a majority of the pros are looking for an easy kite to ride in order to focus on their tricks and riding rather than on trying to fly the kite.

How does the Torch depower if it doesn’t have any bridles?

Because the Torch is C shaped and doesn’t have bridles, the angle of attack adjustment is limited to only a few degrees by nature (having bridles allows for a massive angle of attack adjustment, providing “instant depower”). The Torch actually has a lot of depower, but the depower is obtained in a different way than bridled kites. To depower, the Torch does come to a low angle of attack, but instead of doing it instantly at the position it is in the wind window, it just flies to that position (the Torch comes to the edge of the window). To achieve this, we reduced the leading edge diameter and developed a specific foil profile that resulted in minimizing the overall drag of the kite, letting it fly fast and forward.

By doing that, we actually improved the depower and the overall performance of the kite. The Torch has the ability to fly forward very quickly, so when you edge your board suddenly to send a trick, the kite accelerates instead of stalling like a lot of kites do, which provides amazing pop.

What kind of kiteboarders should get on the Torch? How does it compare to other kites in the Naish line?

The Torch is aimed at kiteboarders who are willing to go freestyling, however, it is also a great freeriding kite that has the advantage of relaunching in very marginal wind thanks to the fifth line.

Compared to all other Naish kites, the Torch has the most precise and direct bar feel; it also has the most pop and the best unhooked performance. When it comes to mega loops, there is no kite that comes close to it. Like Jesse Richman says, “The rider is the only limit on the Torch”.

Naish Torch video 2014

Pro Performance Freestyle

The Torch is designed for freestyle riders who demand a state-of-the-art, fast flying C-kite with precision response for hooked in and unhooked riding.

Weight was reduced on the 2014 Torch by implementing reduced diameter struts, which increases the low-end power and improves handling. Power is delivered smoothly on the Torch, while the depower is similar to that of a bridled kite due to its ability to fly fast through the air.

The Torch is the #1 kite of choice for dedicated freestyle and unhooked wave riders.

Producer : Naish
Director : Petole Prod
MUSIC : Flume – Sleepless Feat. Jezzabell Doran (Original Mix)