The Al Gharbia Watersports Festival in Dubai is a 10-day extravaganza filled with wonder, water and world-class athletes. From kiteboards and surf ski kayaks in the waves to chilled-out camping and concerts on shore, the Watersports Festival on fire this past week.

In addition to Kiteboarding the event features Surf Ski Kayaking, Dhow racing, Dragon Boating, Swimming and more. The event kicked off March 24th and runs through April 2nd at the public beach of Mirfa in Al Gharbia, Dubai.

Free style results
Females: 1st Angelique Barbier (France) 2nd Manon Steens (Holland) (RRD) 3rd Katharina Kaelin (Switzerland) (RRD)

Uae: 1st Rashed Magid Al Muhiri 2nd Ahmad Al Mansuri (RRD) 3rd Saeed Butti Al Dhareef (RRD)

Male 1st Luca Savastano (Italy) 2nd Tarik Gharrafi (Belgium) (RRD) 3rd Mostafa Al Hussaini (Egypt) (RRD)

Source: Waterhound

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