ABoards Kiteboarding is stoked to present new generation solid foot lock system (SFLS) – ANATOMIC with D3O™ material and reinforced


footstrap ends with stainless steel anchor fixators.

SFLS ANATOMIC is an integrated footstrap and footpad system that can be installed on your board effortlessly with few turns of a screwdriver.

SFLS ANATOMIC has number of distinct and excellent features:FOOTPAD with 5-fold layer system for maximum softness, impact protection and non-slipperiness.

o honey-comb structure orange top layer to evacuate the water away from below your feet and ensure grip;

o ergonomic and soft black EVA footpad body shaped to fit feet anatomy and provide maximum comfort;

o fiberglass base plate to withold the pressure from your kiteboards during heavy and megaloop landing at so delicate heelside areas where quite a few boards tend to crack;

o soft EVA base plate bottom layer in combination with fiberglass base plate for extra amortization and sucking onto the boards deck to minimize penetration of seaweeds, small stones and dirt under your footpad to ensure maximum durability of your gear;

FOOTSTRAPS with:o stainless-steel metal anchor fixators at strap ends to reinforce the screw connection points and ensure that your footstraps don’t break loose because of daily tear and wear;o adjustable strap angle for perfect contact and lock of your feet

o metal anchors are deeply hidden inside footpad body to provide comfort to sides of your feet and toes.More information about D3O™ material you can find in http://www.d3o.com

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