The Vegas is a pure C-shape kite that embodies radical new-school riding
and delivers the precision feel needed to stomp today’s most technical
tricks and challenge tomorrow’s limits. |





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1,399.00$ – 1,999.00$

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The Vegas is a pure C-shape kite that embodies radical new-school riding
and delivers the precision feel needed to stomp today’s most technical
tricks and challenge tomorrow’s limits. A no-compromise design that delivers
massive pop, steady pull and a predictable, direct turning radius. Pull
the trigger on massive mega-loops or unhook and launch into a mobe with
the assurance of rock-solid pull and steadiness. The Vegas delivers high
de-power with the widest range of use although it’s a C-kite and gives you
virtually no de-power for full-on powered wakestyle.
The 2011 Vegas: Style
and conviction without compromise.












Bar Pressure



Turning Speed



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From SeaBreeze, Matthew Camilleri

July 30 at 7:04pm

Rider: Weight: 62kg

Level: intermediate to advanced


Weather: 12 – 26 knots

Build Quality: 10/10 Satisfaction: 11/10Disclosure; team rider for Adrenalin Rush and north  My Comments: For the last few weeks I have been riding the Vegas non stop in all wind conditions. I was supposed to test the rebel also but they couldn’t get me off the Vagas.  it is a multipoint inflation system but is still quick to pump up and with the multipoint it keeps the kite strong and stable in the air. On first inspection the first thing you notice is the graphics they look awesome!! It has 5 struts and is a really solid construction. It has battens on the wings and smaller ones in the canopy. They have bumper protection all along the leading edge. 

PREFORMANCE: First thing you notice is how fast this kite is, I thought my f-one DOS 2 was quick but this makes it look sluggish. It has the power of an 11 but speed of a 9. First run couldn’t help myself had to loop it and I don’t regret it the kite drives through the power zone without stalling and catches you for soft landings.  It is a really stable kite it doesn’t flutter or stall, you can swing it to 12 and it wont over fly and drop out. The Vagas has a solid bar pressure but it wont make your arm feel like their gonna fall off; it has a direct feel to it so you know exactly what’s happening all the time.  unhooking on this kite is where it really excels, you get that consistent power feeling and then when you pop it remains stable the lines get that tiny bit of slack in them and you have no tension for all passes. You always feel powered and in control of the kite. the next day I changed setting to the 2nd setting, the difference between the 2 settings is that the first setting faster and the 2nd setting the kite just sits perfectly for you it has slightly more bar pressure and it really is the perfect freestyle setting and wake style you park it up and unhook and do your trick and it will still be right where you left it.  BAR: the bar is comfortable and the release is out of the road.

The depower isn’t to far away to reach and the bar fully out is still close so your not stretching to get it.  SAFETY: the safety system works a treat. Pull the safety and your kite will fall out and turn around so it is still on the leading edge and relaunchable. It doesn’t tangle or invert but give total depower.  RELAUNCH: the 5th line relaunch system ROCKSS!! Just pull the 5th line then a wing tip and done kites back flying straight away in all winds. 4 line kites can struggle in light winds to relaunch but the vagas just pops off the water with ease.  Overall this kite perform above my expectations, I will defiantly recommend that everyone has ago at this insane kite it will make every rider very happy.

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