Design Aim: Riders looking for simple, no-fuss performance. The Park is a performance-focused kite condensed into an easy, simple package. |





Naish Kiteboarding





Country Tested:

United States

Price Range:

1,399.00$ – 1,699.00$

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Freeride simplicity

Design Aim: Riders looking for simple, no-fuss performance. The Park is a performance-focused kite condensed into an easy, simple package.

The Park’s three-strut design is stable and responsive. This configuration, combined with a powerful profile and full outline gives the Park the consistent pull of a “C” type kite and the power control of a swept kite.

The swept leading edge positions the wingtips behind the center of the kite, which gives the kite easy relaunch capabilities and maximizes depower.

The “do everything” nature of the Park opens up a huge range of performance options for the rider. It is the perfect tool whether you are focusing on sticking that handle-pass rotation, bashing the lip, or maximizing your freeride time on the water.

The Park is LWR compatible.

• Swept Compact C
• Power Foil Canopy
• Evolutive Profile
• Low Drag Wing Tip
• Radial Segmented C-shape
• Octopus Inflation System
• Solid Frame Canopy
• Radial Load Distribution
• LWR Compatible
• Universal Control System

Kite Sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14
Kite Only (no Bar), Kite Package (includes Bar, Leash and Pump)












Bar Pressure



Turning Speed



Upwind performance






Ease of Use



 By Matt Nuzzo 

 The 2011 Naish Park is a completely new hybrid kite for Naish. This is the first non-sigma bridled kite that Naish has made since the Naish Boxer SLE. There are a bunch of new features on the Park, and I am sure that this shape and design will be in the Naish line up for years. 

2011 Naish Park Tech 

The Park is a 3 strut high performance hybrid kite with a bad ass graphics package. Naish was swinging for the fences with the Park, and they have released a kite that will not let Naish riders down. The construction looks consistent with what we have seen from Naish for the past few years. Strong, but not overbuilt to keep the weight down. The lighter construction translates to a crisp feeling kite in the sky. 

The Naish Octopus Inflation system has been changed quite a bit to make the struts a lot easier to change than in years past. 

The bridle system is really clean and simple. It has a direct connect rear bridle that can be adjusted for turning speed and bar pressure. I recommend to leave these alone. The leading edge bridle has no pulley and no adjustments. Less is more. 

The 2011 Universal Control system is similar in design to the 2010. The main difference is a more aggressive grip. They have skirted the need for a swivel by going with one single center line that splits 1/3rd of the way up the bar. This allows the center safety line to wrap around the center line with out tangling when you spin the bar. Works well so long as you don’t need to bar juggle if the kite inverts. 

How does the 2011 Park ride? 

At first glance I thought that the 2011 Naish Park was going to be a straight rip off of the Slingshot RPM. With the fat wing tip and 3 strut design, it is easy to make those assumptions. It rode nothing like the RPM. The Park has a totally different feel from the RPM. The main difference is turning speed and the bar feel. The Park is fast turning with a kind of spongy bar feel. It does not give you that direct feel that I was expecting which a lot of the people that tested this kite liked. People that didn’t really like the Slingshot RPM and LF Havoc loved the Naish Park and vice-versa. 

The other thing with the Park is that you feel what the wind does. Gust or lull you feel it. Riding the Park is similar to how a high end sports car feels the road beneath you. The wing tips flared a bit which might have added to feeling the gusts. I tested the 8m, 10m, and 12m Park, and I liked the feel a lot more with the line extensions on it. They ate the gusts a little better and made the kite more predictable for me. 

Overall, the Naish Park was really impressive high performance hybrid kite. It jumps high, turns on a dime, and rides fast. It is a little dead in the turns and it will be a little over the top for some riders. 

Who is the 2011 Naish Park for? 

This kite will be best suited for the intermediate to advanced kiter. The fast turning speed cuts out the beginner unless you are really good with your kite control.. Relaunch seems pretty good, so riding in the surf or crashing your kite from doing tricks is not a problem to get the kite off the water. For unhooked riders, this kite takes a bit of adjustment to keep it from back stalling. I just sheeted the strap 1 inch before unhooking and that worked fine. 

If you have been riding Naish SLE kites and are looking for more, the Park has more. If you like the 2010 Naish Helix or North Vegas, you will love the performance of the 2011 Naish Park. Take the turning speed of the 2010 Helix, add a punchier feel with light bar pressure and you end up with the 2011 Naish Park.

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