The F-One Acid 3 (III) is for new school freestylers. Short and wide up to the tips, with extreme pop for better jumps and landings.|11.jpg




F One Kiteboarding




127×37cm 130×39cm 132 x 40,5 cm

Country Tested:

United States

Price Range:

699.00$ – 699.00$

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The F-One Acid 3 (III) is for new school freestylers. Short and wide up to the tips, with extreme pop for better jumps and landings. Its double concave will suppress any leg splash and absorb vibrations during high impact landings. The F-One Acid 3 (III) allows sharp edging, great release and insane pop. Light, sharp and responsive under your feet, this board will get you launching huge tricks.

Short and wide all the way to the tips, the F-One Acid 3 (III) produces the best pop, greatly helped by the Dynamic Flex that gives right back the energy loaded during the take off. Well balanced on its rocker line and bottom shape, the Acid 3 (IIII) is designed to facilitate landing and give your body a lesser impact.

The Direct Drive technology with full wood core, with its legendary resistance makes sure you can rely on your board at all times.

New school freestyle is the discipline where attention to the pads is essential. Low kite tricks will put a lot more energy on the landing and our 3D molded Platinium Pads offer incredible comfort and energy diffusion.

The under heel area is made out of two foam density, the top part being softer to absorb the little shocks and the bottom part harder to soak up the big ones!



Low wind



Loose feel






Upwind performance



Flat water



Choppy water






Ease of Use



by Julien Hosp

As I am the Acid Rider from Fone, I will start with presenting my absolute favorite board! The Acid is the board-to-take for the Freestyle oriented rider, who needs high performance, high speed, hard flex and good pop!    

Compared to the 2010 model, aside of the new cool graphics, 2 main things were changed: First of all, the new Acid got the same successful carbon X that the old Trax already had. The additional carbon in the center of the board provides less flex in the middle, but more in the tips! This results in a better pop, more control and higher speeds without loosing too much comfort…    

Second, the new Acid has, such as all the new 2011 boards, the new patented fin system: The fins are plugged into the board, and not until then fixated with a screw, which does NOT go into the fin. This is totally new, as it allows the fin to be extremely resistant but also way thinner and thereby faster! Furthermore, the fins are assymetrical, and work like an airplane wing. This supports the performance of the new boards a lot!!!  

The Acid is not only my choice because of the sick graphics. Its high performance combined with great pop, upwind and early planning makes it one of the best boards on the market, and is my absolute favorite!

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