The 2011 Switchblade IDS kite has a few blades in its sheath|

The 2011 Switchblade IDS kite has a few blades in its sheath. Having the distinction as being the premier wakestyle kite worldwide, the Switchblade also shines as an excellent all round freeride and freestyle kite. Kudos is given to the Switchblade for having feather light bar pressure and easy handling. Its bow kite outline makes its relaunch a snap. But all of this is overshadowed by its flying performance.

The Switchblade has the right combination of turning speed and power effiency to make it the go – to kite for anyone looking to hit a rail or launch off a kicker.
New entry profiles creating an even faster moving kite
Re-designed strut placement giving more stability during jumps
New LE closing seam construction
Lighter bladders in 14 and 16 sizes
New canopy material
5 strut design
IDS Bridle
Tuning options
IDS Bridle
Powerdrive IDS
From KiteForum.com :

180cm – 90kg
kiteboarding: 4yrs
style: freeride
board: nobile NHP 134
kite: SB 2010 12m

Yesterday was about 15-16kts i stopped at my local shop and grabbed a demo SB 2011 11m kite to take it for a spin.

1st thing i noticed was the bag improvement, now they have the board straps back again, something that i definitely missed from the last years… also the colour of the bag changed and not matched the colour of the kite… or at least wasn’t black, [i haven't seen the other kite colours yet].

The kite looks awesome! the material seems a lot more resistant and light, looking at photos online i was kind of put off but the colours but looking it on the day light, the cabrinha camo style looks awesome!!!…

few things changed on the new model, the back lines now have only 1 attachment point and a little stabilising batten right at the tip of the wing…

the sprint inflation system looks more refined with a hose sleeve that goes all the way along the hose now…

in the air, the kite looks small compared to a 12m SB, but it’s heaps faster and stable, so it’s easy to generate power with it… in the beginning it felt a bit under power, compared to my 12m but it was just a matter to get used to it, [be in mind the wind was pretty light and the tide wasn't helping much ether...]

But i definitely can see this is going to be a really fun kite when the wind is around 18-20 knots… good kite for waves too as it turns supper fast.

the bar is a bit different this year, they added a spring to keep the de-power straps at reach without having that clip on the centre line, that you have to adjust down every time you let the bar go, now the spring will always push those straps down…

the little balls on the straps seem a fraction bigger, i didn’t compared to my ones, but if they are, it will be easier to hold and pull down on windy days…

the lines on the bar are different, they look more stiff and tangle free, but they won’t create kinks on it if you bend them…

Relaunch was really easy like all the cabrinha kites, but i was kite impressed even on light wind like yesterday i didn’t had any problems with it…

I was out for about 1hr, and i had a lot of fun with it, just wish the wind was a fraction stronger… so i could try some jumps and stuff…

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